This is the Nioh model of that hilarious Bloodborne sneak assault video

Remember that incredible Bloodborne sneak-attack-gone-wrong video? No? Well, you’re going to if you watch this.

nioh tokugawa ieyasu (1)

It’s no secret Nioh shares quite a lot of issues with the Soulsborne sequence, although extra with Bloodborne than Dark Souls.

Because of this, the video games can typically put you in very related conditions that might have related outcomes, supplied you act the identical means in each of them. Nioh, like Bloodborne, lets you carry out a sneak assault/backstab on enemies who’ve their backs turned to you.

You’ll have to unlock it first, and it doesn’t do a canned animation, but it surely has an analogous impact. As a end result, you’ll end up slowly approaching enemies who’re distracted or wanting away, to be able to land the assault and get that free injury.

Sometimes, although, you’ll focus an excessive amount of on the act of barely pushing the left stick ahead that you just cease listening to your environment – a demise sentence in these video games.

Remember that Bloodborne video during which the participant was attempting to carry out a sneak assault on an enemy, solely to get sneaked up on themselves? We’ve embedded it right here (by way of GametimeUKyo) for reference.

This Nioh video under from Bobby Clement reveals an analogous scenario, solely this time, the enemy who precipitated this deliberate sneak assault to fail is rather a lot meagre and tougher to anticipate than our burly buddy from Bloodborne.

The lesson right here being: don’t get too fixated in your goal that you just ignore different threats. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself like our associates right here.

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