The first details of the new DLC from Tez2

This Thursday there will be no familiar weekly news – active bonus week valid until December 14th. And this can only mean one thing – next Tuesday we will have a new addition for GTA Online… In the near future, the developers should announce the first details, but for now Tez2 is broadcasting what we should expect.

Another week and a half ago the dataminer reportedwhat new DLC might be called Fixers (literal translation into Russian – “Those who solve problems”; as we remember, the players already had to solve problems related to musicians, delivering their things or themselves to the club; let’s see how the localizers will translate). It will be very similar to Summer Tuners and contains similar orders, but with a musical rather than an automobile theme.

And yesterday, a whistleblower retweeted music producer blaccmass, who announced an imminent appearance in GTA… The musician is engaged creating mixes, and will probably do the same online.

Earlier it became knownthat Dr. Dre will be an integral part of the new expansion. However, the emergence of the group City Morgue we have been waiting for two years… Or is she also involved in the current DLC? ..