It’s Nioh time once more: come watch us apply classes discovered as we dive again into battle with the yokai

Nioh is hard, and it by no means stops demanding extra of the participant. Will we conquer?

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Nioh gamers have plenty of gameplay selections. Even earlier than we get into gear and talents, there’s the entire stance factor – and maybe even extra essentially, the second to second resolution to dam or dodge incoming assaults.

If you come at Nioh from a Souls background you might favour dodging over rolling, however for all of the similarities Nioh is just not a Souls recreation, and there comes a degree the place the sport simply says “look, you have to learn to block, or you’re going to be stuck here forever”.

Of course, it isn’t so form as to say this explicitly; it simply throws enemies you’ll be able to’t dodge at you and expects you to determine it out. In a current Nioh stream, Shabana went by means of this studying course of – and now she’s able to kick butt, or limb, or head, or no matter floor is offered to her – be it flesh or carapace or what.

Tune in above to see what challenges are in retailer in our persevering with Nioh adventures. We don’t know what’s on the market, however we do know we’re going to beat it the heck up.