The first Borderlands reveal of PAX East is a bodily card game

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Gearbox’s PAX East panel hasn’t even began but, and we’re already getting Borderlands reveals – although this most likely isn’t the one you had been searching for. Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party is a card game. As in a bodily one, which you play with actual playing cards. It’s a small field set coming courtesy of XYZ Game Labs, and it truly does give us tiny a touch or two about what’s coming within the Borderlands 3 reveal.

As some photos of the field present, it’s a game for as much as 5 gamers the place you attempt to be the primary to place collectively a correctly decked-out Claptrap. You can see the photographs in nearer element through ResetEra. The most notable bit is that Tina herself has the older, bunny-eared look we noticed within the teaser trailer, so that is most likely what she’s going to appear like in correct Borderlands 3.

Of course, that sequel is what everybody’s actually hoping to see in the present day, and the Borderlands reveal stream is ready to occur in only a few minutes.

Hopefully which means a Borderlands 3 release date, and since Randy Pitchford is seemingly hanging across the panel in shirt with a bejeweled ‘3’ on the back, the rest can be merciless.

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Stick with us within the hours to come back as we be taught far more about what Gearbox has in retailer for Borderlands. Unless it’s simply this card game. That can be a heck of a magic trick.