Project Mara: Ninja Theory Mental Terror Game To Be Set In Photo-Realistic Apartment

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Project Mara: Ninja Theory Mental Terror Game To Be Set In Photo-Realistic Apartment

Publicly revealed January 22, 2020, almost a year to the day, Project Mara is back with a new video, or rather a developer diary. The opportunity to learn a little more about this mental terror game developed by the Ninja Theory studio, now under the leadership of Microsoft since their takeover in 2018. The idea in this 4 “32 min video is to show how it is possible to capture reality in an obsessive way. These are the terms used by Tameem Antoniades, the co-founder of the studio, but who also serves as Creative Director on each of the studio’s games. ‘Moreover, its facies which was used to represent the Dante of DmC in 2013, even if Tameem Antoniades has always denied the matter. a flat.

To make it as realistic as possible, the team used a real apartment to fully photograph and scan it, be it the floor, the ceiling, the walls and all the objects that decorate it. A bit like mapping a map, the goal is to reproduce each element identically to make it a 3D rendering that is larger than life. We can also see one of the members of the studio making a sort of darkroom to photograph each object and reproduce the different materials to perfection such as leather for example. Thanks to this new technology, it is possible to identify edges, imperfections, but also a whole lot of more precise things such as dirt or dust. According to Tameem Antoniades, this technology used for Project Mara will lay the foundations for all the other creations of the studio which has not finished surprising us and growing in power. Finally, last thing before leaving you, know that Melina Juergens, the actress who plays Senua in Hellblade and who turns out to be the video editor of the Ninja Theory team. Also a victim of psychotic disorders like the character of Senua, Melina Juergens seems to have become the darling of the studio.

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