Portal HoloLens AR demo in all probability too fantastic for we wretched human beasts ever to personal

Portal in AR, through Microsoft HoloLens? Why isn’t this taking place in a method we are able to throw cash at?

HoloLens developer Kenny W is again with one other facet venture, placing collectively a Portal AR demo which simply seems fantastic. Too fantastic, actually, because it’s not one thing you possibly can have proper now, regardless of your fevered longing.

We wish to play a Portal AR recreation very badly, however does one exist? No! Is Microsoft even now holding a increase field up below Valve’s home windows, begging for it to occur? Probably not! Is Valve bashing away at a Portal VR recreation in secret? Maybe, however since Valve releases video games on Valve Time™ it in all probability gained’t come out until 2067! This state of affairs is terribly unsatisfying.

We suggest not watching the video above, which solely fill you with envy for many who have a HoloLens and the talents to make them do attention-grabbing issues, like fill the world with heartbreaking reminiscences of your adventures with GlaDOS.

The identical developer introduced us the Pokemon HoloLens demo (equally pleasant). If you take pleasure in these, you may additionally wish to take a look at this Iron Man-like HoloLen UI streaming Gears of War on Xbox One.

Sometimes I get so mad that a stupendous AR and VR future is like, proper there, only a few years out of attain, and I would like it to be now. I additionally actually wish to play Portal once more, however that at the very least is a factor I can do proper now.