Everything you require to learn about Pokémon reproduction in Scarlet and also Violet

A Pokémon egg hatches in the middle of a city. A trainer stares at it in awe

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Breeding is an essential component of the major Pokémon collection, whether you’re hatching out eggs to finish your Pokédex or crafting a competitive-worthy group with remarkable statistics. While the major reproduction technicians have actually remained the exact same given that their intro in Gold and also Silver, Pokémon Scarlet and also Violet make a couple of crucial adjustments. Our Pokémon Scarlet and also Violet eggs and also reproducing overview describes exactly how to obtain and also hatch out eggs, the things you’ll require for reproduction, and also exactly how to reproduce the very best feasible Pokémon.

Which Pokémon can reproduce?

Pokémon work if they share an Egg Group and also are contrary sexes; the resulting egg will certainly coincide types as the women moms and dad.

Alternatively, you can match a Pokémon of any type of sex with a Ditto to reproduce even more of the non-Ditto Pokémon, and also this is the only means to reproduce genderless Pokémon, like Voltorb, or Pokémon that can just be male. Keep in mind that particular Pokémon, consisting of some genderless Pokémon and also a lot of legendaries and also legendary Pokémon, remain in the “undiscovered” Egg Group and also can’t reproduce in any way.

How to obtain Pokémon eggs in Scarlet and also Violet

In a significant modification from previous Pokémon games, there’s no Day Care where you can leave 2 Pokémon to produce eggs. Instead, you can discover eggs while on a outing.

Make certain you have 2 suitable Pokémon in your celebration — it’s simplest if you place the various other 4 in your Pokémon boxes, which you can access from the food selection — and also established a barbecue. The following action is to wait! Walk about, make a sandwich, socialize. After a min or two has actually passed, Pokémon eggs ought to show up in the basket near your outing table. Press A near the basket to accumulate the eggs, which will certainly be sent out to your Pokémon boxes.

You can boost the generate price of eggs by consuming a dish with the Egg Power bonus offer. Restaurants around Paldea will certainly market food with this dish power, and also you can also make sandwiches with the Egg Power result on your own throughout the outing.

A Zangoose and Ditto enjoy a nice picnic together in a brown and orange forest

Image: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo through Polygon

How to hatch out eggs

Once you’ve accumulated some eggs, it’s time to hatch them. To do this, basically the eggs in your celebration and also stroll (or flight Koraidon/Miraidon) around. (Some types take longer to hatch out than others, so keep in mind to be individual.) Keep in mind that you’ll require a minimum of one non-egg Pokémon in your celebration in any way times, and also unlike with accumulating eggs, you do in fact need to move to hatch them — idling doesn’t count.

To quicken the hatching procedure, you can consist of a Pokémon with the Flame Body, Magma Armor, or Steam Engine Abilities in your celebration. The most effective means to hatch out eggs is to restrict your celebration so it’s simply this Pokémon, with eggs using up the staying 5 ports.

Pokémon in Scarlet and also Violet that can have Flame Body, Magma Armor, and also/or Steam Engine:

  • Fletchinder and also Talonflame
  • Larvesta and also Volcarona
  • Rolycoly, Carkol, and Coalossal
  • Camerupt

How to discover Egg Moves and also where to obtain Mirror Herb

Scarlet and also Violet additionally make a practical modification to Egg Moves, or relocates that a Pokémon can formerly just discover with reproduction. Like reproducing itself, it’s additionally linked to barbecues, and also you’ll require a new thing, the Mirror Herb, to make it function.

In your celebration, consist of a Pokémon that recognizes the wanted Egg Move and also the Pokémon you intend to educate the Egg Move to; provide the last Pokémon a Mirror Herb to hold, after that established a barbecue. The Pokémon holding Mirror Herb can discover any type of Egg Move its types has the ability to gain from any type of various other Pokémon in your celebration, also if they’re the same sex, various types, or in various Egg Groups. This means, you don’t need to reproduce a new Pokémon simply for the Egg Move.

You can get a Mirror Herb from the Delibird Presents store on the 2nd degree of Cascarrafa. They’re provided under “Battle items,” and also every one expenses 30,000. In fight, these are single-use things, so make certain to unequip it prior to fighting so you don’t shed it!

An in-game Violet and Scarlet shop menu, noting where the Mirror Herb is, which is a green leaf

Image: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo through Polygon

Helpful things for reproduction Pokémon

Like in previous games, the moms and dad Pokémon can hold things to influence what’s given to the resulting eggs. These things consist of the Everstone and the Destiny Knot, and also utilizing them is one of the most efficient means to reproduce a Pokémon with the statistics and also Nature you desire.

A moms and dad holding an Everstone will certainly pass its Nature, which influences exactly how its statistics create, to the resulting Pokémon. Giving the various other moms and dad a Destiny Knot to hold will certainly guarantee that 5 IVs (or base statistics) will certainly be given from the moms and dads’ cumulative 12 base statistics, implying just one stat will certainly be randomized as opposed to a number of.

With or without held things, eggs will certainly acquire:

  • IVs, however without a Destiny Knot, extra base statistics will certainly be randomized
  • Ability, though it’s not a 100% possibility if the Pokémon has greater than one feasible Ability; Hidden Ability is acquired from the women moms and dad unless reproducing with Ditto
  • Most kinds of Poké Ball — woman’s if the types are various; 50/50 possibility of either moms and dad’s if the types coincides; non-Ditto moms and dad’s if coupled with Ditto
  • Egg Moves, along with particular relocate the Pokémon’s common movepool

Eggs do not acquire:

  • EVs (initiative worths, which influence stat development and also are different from base statistics)
  • Nature, if neither moms and dad is holding an Everstone
  • Master Ball and also Cherish Ball; the resulting Pokémon will certainly have a routine Poké Ball rather

Getting the child Pokémon from eggs

Note that in an adjustment from previous games, you no more require Incense things to reproduce the “baby” Pokémon, like Azurill and also Bonsly, from their particular advancements, like Marill and also Sudowoodo. Instead, all eggs from these Pokémon will certainly hatch out as the child, or pre-evolution.

For instance, in past games, reproducing Marill or Azumarill without the Sea Incense thing would certainly lead to Marill eggs, as opposed to Marill’s pre-evolution, Azurill. Now, every egg from a Marill or Azumarill will certainly hatch out right into an Azurill, so you don’t need to compromise an Everstone or Destiny Knot to reproduce the child Pokémon.

Shiny searching with the Masuda approach

As Jacq mentions during one biology lesson, the Masuda approach still exists in Scarlet and also Violet. If you match 2 suitable Pokémon from different-language variations of the game, the resulting eggs have actually an enhanced possibility of being glossy. This piles with the Shiny Charm to boost your glossy probabilities while reproducing.


Source: Polygon

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