Democracy 3 is 66% off in honour of Super Tuesday

That wall's not gonna fund itself.
That wall’s not gonna fund itself.

With all this talk of ‘primaries’, ‘caucuses’ and ‘supreme mugwumps’, I can safely say the US electoral system is more arcane than it has right to be in a country under three centuries old. Today is Super Tuesday, during which a bunch of states get together and exercise their right to vote for a man who until recently I believed to be the comedy foil in a long-running political soap opera. This is what I imagine is happening in polling booths across the States.

To celebrate representative government, country management sim Democracy 3 will be 66% off for 24 hours from 6pm GMT/1pm ET/10am PT. Can PC gamers run a country better than seasoned politicians or the rich and bored? This is your opportunity to find out.