Dauntless Godhand Exotic: methods to get the divine battle pike

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How do you get the Dauntless Godhand Exotic? The battle pike is among the few Exotic weapons yow will discover in The Shattered Isles proper now. The drawback is, it’s a must to know the place to look to seek out it. Dauntless’ rarest weaponry work a bit like Destiny 2’s Exotics within the sense that they require some legwork to accumulate. In this case you’ll have to grind for a Blueprint of the Godhand and discover the crafting components earlier than you may craft the battle pike.

It’s very a lot price your time, although, because it comes with a novel expertise that lets you channel a beam that offers rising harm over time as much as 200% on prime of your preliminary harm. This Dauntless Exotic additionally belongs to the Radiant component, which suggests it’s notably sturdy towards Umbral Dauntless Behemoths.

Do be warned although – the Dauntless Godhand Exotic has had its fair proportion of bugs. While its distinctive potential is supposed to offer a brief burst of energy, gamers discovered a method of prolonging the impact. While that’s since been patched (sorry), some gamers have reported one other bug that causes them to freeze after utilizing the weapon’s large transfer. Anyway, right here’s methods to get the Dauntless Godhand Exotic battle pike.

How to get the Dauntless Godhand

First, you’ll want to seek out the battle pike’s blueprint, and you will get that by way of Heroic Patrols or the Rezakiri Behemoth hunt. Word to the clever, although, looking Exotics is a late-game exercise, so that you’ll have to have Heroic Patrols unlocked, and really feel capable of sort out a Threat Level 17 hunt.

This half is wholly reliant on RNG, sadly, so that you’ll have to whip out your chosen methodology of farming till the Blueprint drops. Once RNG-esus has blessed you, gather these crafting supplies:

  • 150 Rams
  • 3 Rezakiri Chitin
  • 1 Radiant Aethergem
  • 1 Cracked Biocrystal
  • 6 Neutral Furyplate
  • 3 Neutral Skullgem

Rams is simply the time period for the game’s foreign money, so almost certainly you’ll be sorted for that. As for the Rezakiri Chitin, Radiant Aethergem, and Crack Biocrystal, you may farm them from the Rezakiri itself. If you’ve been farming this hunt lengthy sufficient, chances are you’ll even have them already.

To get the Neutral Furyplate and Skullgem, you’ll have to go after any impartial Behemoth in a hunt that’s Threat Level eight or extra. To get the Furyplate, farm a limb when the Behemoth is enraged and, to get the Skullgem, you could farm a limb from a beast’s head inside two minutes of the combat beginning.

And that’s the way you get the Dauntless Godhand Exotic battle pike – farm for the Blueprint by way of Heroic Patrols or Rezakiri Behemoth hunt, collect the supplies, and decide up your shiny new Exotic. It’ll take some work, however this battle pike appears nicely well worth the effort and will make for a terrific addition to your arsenal.