Batman: Tim Burton’s film in next-gen version, the result is impressive

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Batman: Tim Burton's film in next-gen version, the result is impressive

Considered by many to be one of the best Batmans, the Batman by Tim Burton (1989) was recently featured in a demo created by Osmany Gomez. Visible on the Indie Path YouTube channel, and called “I Am Batman”, it respects the director’s universe with a loyalty that commands respect. Thanks to Unreal Engine 4, this Batman fan has managed to replicate the grim tone of the film both on the streets of Gotham City and in the Batcave. The Batmobile is obviously in order, and we are also entitled to some cut scenes which reinforce the charm of the demo.

Even the movements of the character are particularly neat, the movements of his cape making them even more natural. Of course, some have already asked Osmany Gomez if there is a chance that we can get our hands on this demo one day, but due to the rights, that should not be possible. Pity.


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