100 Apex Legends suggestions [August] – Apex Legends information, sensible high suggestions for all talent ranges

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Apex Legends positive did sink its polished claws into us right here within the workplace again in February; and none have been as inescapably gripped as I, who spent the subsequent month or two solidly diving down many times upon King’s Canyon in the hunt for weapons, attachments, kills, wins, and above all, data. I’ve spent tons of of hours in-game collating the beneath Apex Legends suggestions and methods on easy methods to wipe groups and earn numerous wins.

Our 100 Apex Legends suggestions are damaged into 4 talent sections: newbie, intermediate, superior, and knowledgeable. Quite a lot of effort has been made to make sure there’s one thing for everybody right here, even seasoned veterans. There are some actually obscure suggestions and techniques within the superior and knowledgeable sections, so should you’re assured that every thing there’s to learn about Apelegs, I counsel you skip forward, and put together to be stunned!

100 Apex Legends suggestions and methods – Apex Legends information for novices and specialists

Our Apex Legends suggestions and methods are full of helpful info for all talent ranges. I assure that by the top of this web page you’ll have discovered at the least one or two (and fairly presumably ten or twenty) stuff you didn’t know earlier than. Click on any of the hyperlinks beneath to skip forward to a specific part of Apex Legends suggestions. And should you scroll proper to the underside, you’ll discover a record of all the opposite (50+) guides in our Apex Legends collection.

Beginner Apex Legends tips (1-25)
Intermediate Apex Legends tips (26-50)
Advanced Apex Legends tips (51-75)
Expert Apex Legends tips (76-100)
Apex Legends guides list

Apex Legends suggestions (Beginner’s suggestions: 1-25)

These suggestions are for these new to the game, and can cowl some primary options and good-to-know points of Apex Legends.

  • 1. Apex Legends is a last-man-standing on-line multiplayer shooter – you and each different participant in your foyer drops onto the identical map and should loot and struggle till only one staff is left standing.
  • 2. The Iron Crown Event is at present happening in Apex Legends, which comes with new challenges, a brand new Iron Crown Store part, and – for the primary time – the power to queue up into solos as an alternative of simply squads. We’re at present engaged on an Apex Legends Solo information full of suggestions and techniques on incomes wins on this limited-time mode.
  • 3. There are as much as 60 gamers in every match of Apex Legends (20 groups of three). You can see the gamers left remaining within the match by wanting on the indicator within the top-right of your display screen.
  • 4. Season 2 of Apex Legends started on 2nd July, bringing with it a brand new Battle Pass, a model new character (Wattson), and much extra options you could learn all about in our Apex Legends Season 2 information.

  • 5. Each match is split into 8 Rounds, throughout which the ever-contracting Ring pushes gamers nearer collectively. Most games, nevertheless, will solely final till the 2nd, third, or 4th Round earlier than only one staff is left standing. For way more info on how the Ring and Rounds work, try our Apex Legends Ring information.
  • 6. Apex Legends incorporates a incredible and intuitive Ping system, which lets you talk non-verbally along with your staff by “pinging” areas, objects, and enemies. Many gamers don’t realise simply how a lot you are able to do with the Ping system; learn extra in our Apex Legends Ping/Communication information.
  • 7. At the start of every match you select certainly one of 9 – quickly to be ten – characters (you may’t select the identical character as certainly one of your teammates). Each character has entry to 3 distinctive talents: a Passive (all the time in impact), a Tactical (activatable on a brief cooldown) and an Ultimate (highly effective activatable skill however requires charging over time).
  • 8. There is at present only one map in Apex Legends, known as King’s Canyon, with 17 named areas and tonnes of different areas of word unfold throughout it. It’s a smaller map than most battle royales have, and you may simply cross it over the course of a match.
  • 9. Loot is randomised every match, with completely different areas sporting completely different tiers of loot (seen within the top-left of your display screen whenever you enter a brand new space). These loot tiers are randomised, however every space does have a specific desire for sure tiers of loot. Read extra in our Apex Legends map and locations information.
  • 10. King’s Canyon is roofed in ziplines, each horizontal and vertical, which you’ll connect to and slide alongside to cowl distances shortly. There are additionally scorching air balloons which function like vertical ziplines, however should you attain the highest it’ll redeploy your rocket boots (identical to when touchdown at first of a match) to assist cowl nice distances.
  • 11. There’s completely no fall harm in Apex Legends, so you may be happy to leap so far as you want. BUT! You can nonetheless fall off the map (which kills you immediately), and touchdown after an extended fall will end in a short stun time whilst you get well.
  • 12. There are 20 completely different weapons in Apex Legends, all of which you’ll examine in our Apex Legends guns/weapons; however every gun is just nearly as good because the attachments you discover and equip it with. For extra info on attachments, check out our Apex Legends attachments information.
  • 13. Headshots deal extra harm than bodyshots. The multiplier is often both 1.5x or 2x relying on the weapon you’re utilizing. There are additionally “legshots”, which deal much less harm than bodyshots.
  • 14. You can melee in Apex Legends both by tapping your melee button or by left-clicking (attacking) whereas not holding a weapon.

  • 15. If you might be delivered to zero well being however you might have teammates left standing, you’ll be “knocked”; you may crawl round, ping, and open/shut doorways however can’t in any other case act. You can revive knocked teammates earlier than they bleed out by heading over to them and holding the Interact key. If they bleed out or are in any other case totally killed, you may seize their Banner from their demise loot, and use it to respawn your misplaced teammate at one of many map’s many Respawn Beacons. For extra particulars try our in-depth Apex Legends reviving information.
  • 16. When you drop at first of a match, certainly one of you is the devoted “Jumpmaster” who controls the place all three of you land. You can disconnect out of your Jumpmaster at any time by holding “CTRL”; and you may all the time move on the Jumpmaster position to another person earlier than you drop if you’d like.
  • 17. Apex Legends is all about mobility. Not solely are you able to dash, bounce, and crouch, however you can even slide and climb partitions and different obstacles. It’s closely suggested that you just slide as typically as potential, as it’s typically sooner than sprinting and makes you a smaller goal. Take a have a look at our Apex Legends basic movement information for tonnes extra info.
  • 18. You can holster your weapon to run sooner and climb greater than you may with a gun in your fingers.
  • 19. Apex Legends is all about teamwork. You are in opposition to entire different squads, and also you’re prone to die shortly in the event that they discover you alone. Stick collectively, and give attention to studying to maneuver and struggle as a staff.
  • 20. All characters have the identical well being pool of 100 Health; however you may equip Body Shields in an effort to give your self Shields in increments of 25, as much as a most of 100 Shields (200 efficient well being).
  • 21. You can use a wide range of completely different therapeutic objects and consumables to quickly regain misplaced Health and/or Shields. It’s good to be taught the advantages and disadvantages of various sorts of therapeutic objects – try our Apex Legends healing items information for additional information.
  • 22. Some varieties of tools (Body Shields, Helmets, Knockdown Shields, and Backpacks) are known as Gear, and might be present in varied rarities (from worst to finest: white, blue, purple, gold). The similar is true of weapon attachments. The greater the rarity, the higher the advantages of that merchandise. Check out all the advantages of Gear and the way Helmets and Body Shields work with our Apex Legends Armor and Gear information.
  • 23. Backpacks increase the scale of your stock. It’s essential to ensure everybody in your staff is provided with a white Backpack on the very least as quickly as potential.
  • 24. Gold objects have distinctive advantages. For instance, Gold Knockdown Shields let you self-revive; and Gold Sights have the power to spotlight enemies by way of smoke. Check out all the advantages in our Armor/Gear information linked above.
  • 25. You might solely maintain two weapons at a time. When swapping weapons, the game will swap out no matter weapon you’re at present (or have been final) holding for the brand new weapon.

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Apex Legends suggestions (Intermediate suggestions: 26-50)

Our intermediate suggestions are for many who understand how Apex Legends works and have put in a good few hours however wish to know easy methods to get to the subsequent stage relating to preventing and shifting about King’s Canyon.

  • 26. All the characters in Apex Legends have completely different sized hitboxes, which suggests some are easier to hit than others. Wraith and Lifeline have the smallest (finest) hitboxes, whereas Gibraltar and Caustic have the biggest (worst). To counteract this, Gibraltar and Caustic have the extra “Fortified” passive which reduces incoming harm by 15% and makes them invulnerable to the slowdown brought on by being shot; and the smallest Legends (Wraith, Lifeline, Pathfinder) have the extra “Low Profile” passive which will increase incoming harm by 5%.
  • 27. While you might be looting, you might be weak, since you aren’t wanting round for close by threats. Looting needs to be accomplished as shortly as potential; educate your self by no means to spend greater than a few seconds at most with each bit of loot or demise field.
  • 28. Gold Gear is not any higher when it comes to stats than Purple Gear. A Gold Body Shield provides 100 Shields identical to a Purple Body Shield. The solely distinction lies with the distinctive further profit each bit of Gold Gear bestows.
  • 29. Knockdown Shields might be activated whereas knocked down to guard the realm straight in entrance of you. Different tiers of Knockdown Shield take completely different quantities of harm earlier than breaking. Meleeing or Executing a downed enemy will ignore their Knockdown Shield.
  • 30. Jump-sliding is usually the quickest method to transfer in Apex Legends. To jump-slide, merely dash to construct momentum, then slide, and bounce on the finish earlier than you begin to decelerate. Rinse, repeat. Check out our Apex Legends basic movement information for additional particulars.
  • 31. All characters transfer at precisely the identical velocity. They solely seem to maneuver at completely different speeds due to the velocity of their arm animations.
  • 32. You can use scorching air balloons to land on one of many very tall cliffs or rocks throughout the map (or land there at first of a match); however you may’t keep there lengthy. A countdown will begin telling you that you’re too excessive up and must get down. However, it provides you an excellent 20 seconds or so to go searching and presumably get a bonus in fights.
  • 33. The key to success in Apex Legends is to all the time keep on the transfer. Never ever keep nonetheless, each in a micro and macro sense. If you’ve completed with one space, head to the subsequent. If you’re looting one thing, shifting back and forth as you do it in case an enemy is aiming at you.
  • 34. Use contextual Pings on a wide range of completely different objects. Pinging a weapon or piece of kit will inform your teammates what it’s you’ve discovered. You may also ping enemies, provide bins, provide ships, ziplines, and way more. Check out our Apex Legends Ping/Communication information for the total record of prospects.

Apex Legends weapon tier list of best guns [August]

  • 35. Some of the top-performing weapons proper now are (in no order) the Alternator, the Peacekeeper, the R-301 Carbine, the R-99, and the Longbow DMR. Use the above chart as a information should you’re nonetheless getting a deal with on weapon rankings and preferences after Season 2’s launch.
  • 36. Listen out for footsteps, gunfire, and every other audio prompts that point out close by enemies. An excellent pair of headphones WILL allow you to with this.
  • 37. Generally, Apex Legends is a close-quarters game. Think twice earlier than taking that long-range shot with the Longbow, as a result of even should you hit they’ll probably simply heal up. Wait earlier than you’re close to sufficient to trigger actual harm. This is one thing much more seasoned gamers have problem with.
  • 38. Make positive you’ve turned on the harm figures within the Settings menu. These numbers are colour-coded to point the Body Shield of the enemy. They will even gentle up gold for a headshot, and also you’ll additionally hear audio indicators whenever you headshot or whenever you break by way of the enemy’s Body Shield; so maintain your eyes and ears peeled.
  • 39. There is bullet drop and intention drift in Apex Legends, however not one of the weapons are hitscan or have harm drop-off (besides with the Havoc’s single-shot mode, which options each). Read extra about all this on the high of our Apex Legends guns/weapons information.
  • 40. Hop Ups are distinctive attachments which solely match onto particular weapons. They typically bestow very vital advantages upon that gun, akin to a full-auto mode for the Prowler Burst SMG, or a tighter unfold for the Peacekeeper Shotgun. Read extra about all of them in our Apex Legends attachments information.
  • 41. The benefit in Apex Legends typically goes to the aggressor – to whoever notices the opposite staff first and initiates the struggle. Third-partying (getting into right into a struggle between two different groups whereas each are distracted) can be extraordinarily efficient. If you end up in a troublesome spot, give attention to repositioning and therapeutic. Don’t decide to a struggle you may’t win.

  • 42. Perform a finisher to execute a knocked enemy by shifting as much as them and hitting your Interact key; nevertheless this prompts a size animation which you’ll’t again out of, making you very weak. As a common rule, don’t trouble with these besides in uncommon circumstances, which you’ll examine in our Apex Legends finishers/executions information.
  • 43. Inventory administration is a crucial talent to be taught in Apex Legends. Carry solely what you want, and find out how a lot ammo you want for various weapons. Don’t carry a couple of stack of Shotgun Shells for a Peacekeeper, for instance.
  • 44. While in your stock, you may see the Gear (Body Shield, Helmet, Backpack, Knockdown Shield) of your teammates subsequent to their names within the bottom-left nook of your display screen.
  • 45. Attachments will auto-attach onto viable weapons whenever you decide them up. This may be very helpful in most circumstances, but when for any cause you don’t need it to auto-attach, then merely use your Alternate Interact key (set the keybind for this within the Settings menu).
  • 46. You can block doorways from opening by standing in entrance of them. However, they will nonetheless be destroyed with two melees, or utilizing explosives. You may also shoot the deal with of a door with a Heavy Ammo weapon to open it from afar.
  • 47. While it’s best to stick along with your Jumpmaster for essentially the most half whereas touchdown (so that you’re not too cut up aside), it’s best to detach from them simply earlier than you land so you may all head to completely different buildings and areas close by to loot up extra shortly.
  • 48. If you ping one thing after which hover over it, then the UI will let you know what number of metres away you might be from that time. This is especially helpful when touchdown in the beginning of a match.
  • 49. If you’re proper excessive of a touchdown location, it’s best to simply drop straight down; but when the situation is additional away, then it’s best to use the wave-drop approach. Learn how to do that to good your landings with our Apex Legends landing information.
  • 50. Supply Bins every comprise three items of loot, they usually all the time seem in precisely the identical areas each match; nevertheless different types of loot, akin to flooring loot and Loot Ticks, are random. The similar is true for the Hot Zone and the Supply Ships, which differ in location every match. Check out our devoted Apex Legends loot information to be taught extra about all this.

Apex Legends suggestions (Advanced suggestions: 51-75)

This is the place issues begin to get extra particular and obscure. Our superior suggestions will cowl every thing from specific skill makes use of to superior motion suggestions.

  • 51. Jumping simply as you go over an Octane Launch Pad will trigger you to go even greater and additional than regular when bouncing.
  • 52. If you discover Ultimate Accelerants, they need to all the time go first to the Wattson after which to the Lifeline, as a result of these two profit from them excess of the opposite Legends.
  • 53. Fight across the edges of Bangalore‘s Smoke and Gibraltar‘s Dome moderately than proper within the center, so to duck out and in at any time when you must struggle/get well.
  • 54. Learn easy methods to “A/D spam” successfully (dancing round throughout a struggle and never standing nonetheless). If you’re shifting slowly or predictably you then’re a simple goal. Take this under consideration when doing goal observe; be taught to shoot successfully whereas dancing.
  • 55. You can Bunny Hop by leaping repeatedly whereas sliding (bounce each time you hit the ground). This just isn’t as quick as sprinting, however finest used whereas therapeutic as a result of it makes you a a lot smaller and sooner goal to hit whilst you heal. For extra info on easy methods to Bunny Hop, try our Apex Legends advanced movement information.
  • 56. During (or simply after) a struggle, it’s way more environment friendly to swap out your Body Shield for a much less broken one (from demise loot, for instance) moderately than therapeutic up. Saves you time and in addition saves these therapeutic objects for whenever you actually want them.
  • 57. Helmets scale back TOTAL headshot harm, NOT bonus headshot harm. I do know, we’ve all heard that it’s the opposite means spherical, nevertheless it’s not true. They scale back whole harm by 10%/20%/25%. Don’t consider me? Check out our Apex Legends Armor and Gear information.

Click on the above picture to view it at highest decision.

  • 58. The loot tier of a location is NOT mounted, and might change from match to match. It’s wonderful how few individuals know this, and what number of disbelieve it. While specific areas might have a a lot greater probability of being a particular tier, they will often change. Check out our Apex Legends map and locations information for more information.
  • 59. Use contextual Pings in your stock in an effort to request a particular kind of ammo or attachment. You may also use it whereas in your Healing Menu to request a sure kind of therapeutic merchandise. Check out our Apex Legends Ping/Communication information for full particulars.
  • 60. The L-Star EMG‘s overheating mechanic can by bypassed so long as you fireplace in bursts of not more than Eight pictures at a time.
  • 61. As lengthy as somebody in your staff has your teammate’s Banner, both of you may respawn them at a Respawn Beacon – it doesn’t must be the one who picked it up.
  • 62. The time it takes you to bleed out is 90 seconds at first, however decreases to 60 seconds the second time you might be knocked. Respawning at a Respawn Beacon resets this.
  • 63. The Gold Backpack’s therapeutic time discount impact, opposite to well-liked opinion, DOES NOT stack with Lifeline‘s Passive skill. Only the 50% discount of the Backpack is taken under consideration.
  • 64. Tactical reloads (reloading whereas there’s nonetheless ammo in your journal) is, for many weapons, sooner than full reloads (reloading when your journal is empty).
  • 65. You can squish your self by standing atop Supply Bins as they open, if there’s nowhere so that you can be pushed to. This can be the case generally for Supply Drops and Lifeline‘s Care Package; each can squish you (not knocked however straight lifeless) in case you are below them as they land.
  • 66. Switching weapons is faster than reloading, which suggests it’s almost all the time higher in close-quarters fight to modify to your different weapon to proceed dealing harm moderately than reloading. For tonnes of recommendations on one of the best loadouts and weapon combos within the game, have a learn of our Apex Legends loadout information.
  • 67. Jumping off the zipline of a Hot Air Balloon earlier than you’re on the high received’t proc the rocket boots redeploy. You must let the game throw you off the very high to ensure that this to activate.

  • 68. Bangalore‘s Passive movement speed buff procs if bullets are fired near you; you don’t must be broken for it to activate. This makes her very highly effective at closing gaps throughout long-range encounters.
  • 69. Use Pathfinder‘s Grappling Hook to swing and canopy massive distances in a short time by seeking to the facet and shifting/strafing as you swing.
  • 70. Neither Mirage‘s Passive/Ultimate nor Wraith‘s Tactical skill renders you totally invisible whenever you use them. Mirage turns into an overview, whereas Wraith leaves behind blue trails that are pretty straightforward to comply with. So don’t depend on enemies dropping sight of you whenever you use these talents.
  • 71. You typically have time to heal even in hectic conditions; all you want is just a few seconds, and you may transfer about as you heal to present your self much more time and security. A single heal is usually all it takes to win a struggle.
  • 72. As of the Season 1 replace, Pathfinder can grapple onto ziplines. Read extra about this and all different skill modifications in our Apex Legends update patch notes information.
  • 73. Each gun has a particular spray sample that may be learnt and tailored to (use Training Mode to assist with this).
  • 74. The vary markers on long-range scopes are all the time correct, UNLESS you might have modified your Field of View in your Settings menu to something apart from 90. So in case your vary markers are telling you porkies, that’s the explanation.
  • 75. Out of game, you may add command line arguments to Apex Legends to do sure issues (for instance, “-novid” stops the EA and Respawn intro movies from taking part in whenever you load up the game, and “+cl_showfps 4” shows your FPS and Frame MS throughout games).

Apex Legends suggestions (Expert suggestions: 76-100)

We’ve packed our knowledgeable suggestions with all method of superior, complicated, and obscure suggestions, on every thing from exploitable glitches and bugs to methods on ending fights earlier than they’ve even begun.

  • 76. Octane‘s Tactical skill, Stim, won’t ever take him beneath 1 Health, so you can not die just by utilizing Stim.
  • 77. You can block doorways with Wraith‘s portals so it’s tough for others to enter/exit. But you may nonetheless move by way of utilizing your Tactical skill.
  • 78. You can place Gibraltar‘s Dome of Protection atop Lifeline‘s Drone, then push the drone alongside to maneuver the Dome as effectively.
  • 79. Wraith portals final 60 seconds, however there’s no indication of this timer. The resolution? Check your Ultimate cost stage. At 39%, your portals will disappear.
  • 80. Double-pump (fireplace a lot faster) with the Peacekeeper by reloading, then instantly switching weapons and switching again to interrupt the reload. Check out the video above for an illustration of this.
  • 81. Hip fireplace with shotguns. Don’t trouble aiming down sights until you’re at longer ranges (and, typically, don’t use shotguns at longer ranges anyway). Aiming down sights takes time, and it doesn’t present a lot profit in any respect for shotguns.
  • 82. Just earlier than touchdown in the beginning of a match, stage out so that you just’re travelling as horizontally as potential, then slide on the finish. You’ll achieve an enormous velocity increase which is nice for crossing that further little bit of distance shortly.
  • 83. Thermite Grenades are a Caustic‘s finest buddy. The Thermite harm over time stacks with the harm over time of your Nox Gas.
  • 84. Bind your shoot key to  Mouse Wheel Up (utilizing the second hotkey choice), then use it with the Hemlok to show its single-shot mode into full-auto with out the necessity to mash left-click.
  • 85. If you’re having hassle Bunny Hopping, the issue is actually because you’re forgetting to maintain Crouch held down. But if that’s not the issue, you may bind Mouse Wheel Down to leap in an effort to make Bunny Hops simpler.
  • 86. If you slide as you activate your Mirage Tactical, then your decoy will even slide, making them extra real looking and presumably fooling enemies for longer.
  • 87. You ought to all the time jump-kick (bounce and melee collectively) moderately than common meleeing, because the cooldown is quicker and you may chain extra melees collectively in the identical house of time.
  • 88. You can slide backwards as shortly as you may slide forwards, permitting you to shortly retreat with out taking your eyes off the enemy.
  • 89. The advantages of crouching as you turn weapons (which interrupted your weapon switching animation and allowed you to swtich/shoot considerably sooner) is now not a part of the game as of the Season 1 replace. So don’t attempt it, you’ll simply look foolish now.
  • 90. Bloodhound‘s Tactical (Eye of the Allfather) is directional; it does not operate in a sphere all around you, but in a cone where you’re wanting. So be sure you’re wanting in the suitable course whenever you use it.
  • 91. Bangalore‘s Ultimate and Gibraltar‘s Ultimate are fairly comparable, however Bangalore’s is best for zoning and defence (as a result of it covers a a lot bigger space) whereas Gibraltar’s is significantly better for offense (as a result of it detonates way more shortly).

  • 92. The pre-Season 1 nerf to the Wingman means you’re now higher suited ADSing moderately than hip-firing with it, whereas earlier than it was higher to hip-fire as a result of excessive accuracy and the truth that ADSing takes just a little further time.
  • 93. The Precision Choke Hop Up attachment for the Peacekeeper and Triple Take will bear in mind the tightened unfold for a short time even after you cease aiming down sights, supplying you with a small window the place you may transfer sooner whereas nonetheless having the large accuracy of the Choke.
  • 94. There are a handful of automated weapons which don’t have the barrel stabilizer attachment (which reduces recoil), which suggests the spray patterns for these weapons will all the time be the identical. Take benefit of this to be taught them completely (the weapons are the VK-47 Flatline, Havoc, and Prowler).
  • 95. If you activate Bloodhound‘s Ultimate whereas on a zipline, there isn’t any wind-up animation earlier than the Ultimate takes impact; as an alternative, you rework immediately.
  • 96. If you time your melee excellent as you land after an extended drop, you’ll utterly negate the “fall-stun” impact, and might proceed shifting with none restoration time.
  • 97. Caustic‘s traps might be shot on the base to destroy them with out setting off the fuel.
  • 98. You can climb atop doorways in an effort to climb even additional, permitting you to entry hard-to-reach locations. Many know this trick for smaller doorways, nevertheless it’s additionally true for bigger doorways akin to these present in Artillery, Market and Repulsor. Close the door, climb atop it, then look down and open the door, after which climb as much as the highest of the constructing.
  • 99. Coordinate kicking in doorways along with your teammate. Many gamers have learnt that it takes two melees to destroy a door, so coordinating like it will let you get the drop on unsuspecting enemies.
  • 100. This is my favorite tip of all, as a result of it’s so obscure however so helpful. You understand how there are not any attachments in Training Mode? Well that’s not fairly true! There is a means you could observe firing weapons with attachments. Check out our Apex Legends Training Mode information for full particulars.

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You’ve reached the top of our 100 suggestions and methods! Hopefully you’ve learnt one or two new issues you could take into battle subsequent time you drop down into King’s Canyon. But that’s not the extent of our data! We have over 60 targeted guides on every thing from weapons and attachments to characters and talents, from areas and the Ring to unlocking heirlooms and finishers. Take a glance beneath for our full record of Apex Legends guides – all updated as of Season 2!

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