VietDoom is the love-child of Apocalypse Now and id Software

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One Veteran Doom modder has taken it upon himself to create a brand new Doom marketing campaign set throughout the 1968 Vietnam War that takes inspiration from the basic Francis Ford Coppola’s struggle movie Apocalypse Now. But, you realize, Doom model.

VietDoom – an upcoming 10 map demo from modder Sgt_Mark_IV – is a complete conversion of the basic id Software game, changing almost all parts of the unique game with new property and audio that places you within the footwear of an American soldier inside a pixelated Vietnam jungle. It is “pretty much an adventure re-imagining Apocalypse Now’s story,” says the modder.

And in fact, in full Apocalypse Now model, VietDoom’s newest pre-alpha trailer comes full with The Rolling Stone’s Paint It Black (albeit, a MIDI rendition). You can take a look at the footage beneath.

VietDoom is loosely impressed by games like NAM and Rising Storm Vietnam –  combining jungles, correct interval weapons, and plenty of gore and burning issues.

The preliminary marketing campaign demo will function comparatively life like mission sorts, from rescuing lacking prisoners of struggle, to search-and-destroy targetting, and ambushing convoys.

But in basic Doom type, the complete marketing campaign – which is predicted to take some years but, as it’s the work of only one developer – can have a supernatural twist. “[B]ecause this is Doom,” says Sgt_Mark_IV, “and anything related to Doom needs to have some demons.”

VietDoom’s marketing campaign demo will launch later this yr. In the meantime, take a look at a few of Doom’s most psychedelic mods.