Valve will use human moderators to cease Steam Workshop scams

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According to my therapist, all of us want approval. So I’m glad that the newest Valve Initiative (TM) is all about that. From now on, content material uploaded to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 Steam Workshops would require Valve’s approval earlier than being launched to the general public. This is to fight the “free skin” advertisements that plague the workshop.

I haven’t spent an enormous period of time within the Workshop lately, however TanookiSuit3 on the CS:GO subreddit found and celebrated the changes over the weekend.

It has been attainable to game the Steam Workshop by including gadgets that explicitly promise free skins to the those that subscribe to them. It’s believed they had been upvoted by bots whereas different content material was downvoted. This clearly has the impact of creating these gadgets wildly in style, leaving gamers open to potential scams when the gadgets description leads them exterior of Steam, and it knocks authentic content material off the workshop’s pages. That final one hits me the place it hurts: I really like good fan creations with the ability of a thousand upvotes.

Valve, who nearly by no means places precise people between an issue and the answer, has stepped in, so these new gadgets ought to now by no means cross by their enablers and onto the varied game’s Workshops. They’ll examine any replace to older gadgets, too. Not each merchandise can be topic to their modder moderator scrutiny: in style customers can be exempt, and non-Valve games are exempt. Approval ought to take lower than 24 hours.