Tomb Raider 2 The Movie: director change, it’s now a woman and it’s a good surprise

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Tomb Raider 2 The Movie: director change, it's now a woman and it's a good surprise

Released in March 2018, the reboot of the film Tomb Raider received a mixed reception, both from the critics and the spectators. With $ 247 million in film revenue (for a budget of $ 94 million), the film is admittedly profitable, but investors were arguably expecting a lot more. On the side of the press, the film was criticized for being a bad copy-paste of the video game of 2013, the latter sometimes taking again shot by shot the sequences of the title of Cristal Dynamics. So yes, there was a desire to stick to the original material, but the idea is also to surprise its audience with taking risks. Likewise, Alicia Vikander has failed to show us all of her talents as a great actress, no doubt due to the writing of Lara Croft’s character that is a little too shy.

If we know that Roar Uthaug, the director of the film, has not been renewed, a certain Ben Wheatley (Kill List, High-Rise, Dr Who) was to take up the torch for a release set for the year 2021. The only problem is that COVID-19 has passed through there in the meantime and has turned the filming schedules upside down. The occasion perhaps for the production of the film to review certain aspects of the film, in particular the choice of the director. It has been in effect for several hours now, it is Misha Green who inherited the achievement, she we knew above all to be the showrunner of Lovecraft Country. She also went behind the camera for episode 8 and this new position seems to have made her want to go further. If Misha Green therefore becomes the director, knowing that she was quick to let it know on her social networks, know that it is also she who will sign the screenplay. The opportunity for the production to be consistent in its editorial choices. Of course, at this stage, no release date has been communicated, especially in these troubled times for the cinema and theaters. We will of course keep you informed.


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