The finest Civ 6 mods

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Here are two of the perfect issues about PC gaming: the Civilization sequence, and the power to alter your video games by including in user-created content material. Modding Civ 6, then, is an expression of the very apex of PC gaming. It’s peak PC. Steam Workshop might not but be up and operating, however that hasn’t stopped Civ’s vibrant modding group from flexing its inventive muscle groups. We’ve picked out the cream of the present crop so that you can get pleasure from.

All these mods have been made with out the Civ 6 SDK, which nonetheless is not out. We spoke to the perfect Civ modders – a few of whose work you will discover right here – about what they want to see within the Civ 6 toolkit.

Civ 6 unit mods

Unit rebalance

Sumeria's War Cart

‘Unit rebalance’ is a slight misnomer – in addition to some tweaks to unit attributes, this mod by WaterZer0 additionally makes a number of frequent sense modifications to the way in which that models really behave that transcend a easy rebalance. Among the modifications of which we emphatically approve are:

  • All unit improve prices decreased by roughly 33%.
  • Anti-cavalry models get their anti-cav bonus doubled to 20. In WaterZer0’s phrases: “most anti-cavalry models would stalemate in opposition to cavalry of their period. I do not even have phrases for a way little sense this makes.” Harsh however truthful, WaterZer0. Harsh, however truthful.
  • Scouts and Rangers ignore zone of management and now not exert it.
  • Military Engineers’ construct expenses doubled to four.
  • War Carts now require the Wheel and change the War Chariot. Clearly undermines Sumeria’s greatest energy, however will probably be a welcome change for anybody who’s began subsequent to an AI Gilgamesh on increased difficulties. Hopefully people will nonetheless be capable to beeline War Carts and get some use out of them.

There are lots extra smart tweaks, so try WaterZer0’s unit rebalance when you like what you have heard to this point.

Moar Units (up to date)

Moar units!

The work of Civ modding veteran Deliverator, this mod provides 28 new distinctive models (UUs) to the sport’s present civs. Many of Deliverator’s selections deliver again UUs from Civ 5, however some are from his personal creativeness and historic information. Highlights embody:

  • American Minutemen
  • Arabic Camel Archers
  • Chinese Chu-ko-nu
  • English Longbowmen
  • Greek Hetairoi (also referred to as Alexander’s Companion Cavalry)
  • Norwegian Hirdmen
  • Roman Equites
  • Russian Druzhina Cavalry
  • Sumerian Phalanxes

Deliverator acknowledges the chance of imbalance since not all civs could have equal numbers of uniques, however in any other case this can be a enjoyable method so as to add extra selection to the armies you and the AI will get to play with. You can go to the mod’s web page here.

Civ 6 Diplomacy mods

Diplomacy whole / fewer AI tantrums

Kavis's Diplomacy Total

Kavis’s diplomacy whole spells out the precise values governing your relationship rating with the AI. Clearly it is not for these of you who really feel info asymmetry is a crucial a part of the sport, however even with full diplomatic entry, the AI’s temperamental vicissitudes may be mystifying. No longer.

If you’d wish to have a extra constant expertise with the AI with out studying their thoughts, think about as an alternative Quo’s fewer AI tantrums. It requires the Aztec DLC, however will calm the AI by dialing down the numbers on their agendas and the random ‘first impression’ roll while you first meet them.

Here’s Kavis’s diplomacy total and Quo’s fewer AI tantrums.

New Civs

Anno Domini

Anno Domini Civilization VI edition

Making a brand new civilisation is usually the very first thing new modders need to be taught to do, however (in Civ 5, at the very least) it was one of the crucial difficult issues you could possibly do with the toolkit. As far as we’re conscious, rob8xft was the primary modder so as to add a model new civ to Firaxis’s newest, and in his Anno Domini mod, it comes alongside 13 others(!). 

Rob8xft is a veteran of the Civ modding group, having made earlier variations of Anno Domini in each Civ three and Civ 5. In Civ 6 as in its predecessor variations, Anno Domini is a “total conversion” mod for the Ancient via Medieval eras, changing each Civ with somebody new. Check it out on CivFanatics here.

Considering how a lot work is entailed in modding even one complete civ, it’s fairly spectacular Rob (we’re assuming that’s his IRL identify) has put all this collectively in lower than two weeks. 

You can even try rob8xft’s Steam Workshop here for his Civ 5 mods.

Civ 6 map mods

Yet (not) Another Maps Pack for Civ 6

Civ 6 Earth mod

The promise of Civ is to stay via humanity’s historical past, and one thing everybody needs to do is really do that by enjoying on a map of Earth, with a true-to-life begin location for his or her chosen civ. This continues to elude Firaxis, it appears, as the newest Civ recreation has as soon as once more launched with out such a map. Thank goodness for Gedemon, then, who created Earth maps amongst many others for Civ 5. We’ve already written about this one, so try Kirk’s story for a full preview and set up directions.

Civ 6 Religion mods

Religion overhaul

Tomatekh's historical religions

Several members of the modding group have determined that the faith system in Civ 6 may use a number of tweaks. For a bit extra historic flavour, Tomatekh does what he did in Civ 5 and provides icons for dozens of latest religions, from Zoroastrianism and Tengriism to Micronesian Itang.

Both RushSecond and anansethespider have had a go at rebalancing the competitiveness of faith total, agreeing that it is underpowered in multiplayer and will use a tune-up. Both their mods are listed under in your consideration (do not set up each, as they’re going to battle). Rush goes a lot additional, including a number of new beliefs and drastically enhancing previous beliefs and non secular buildings, whereas anansethespider’s tweaks are extra delicate.

Here are Tomatekh’s historical religionsAnansethespider’s better religions and RushSecond’s religion rebalance at CivFanatics.

Rule with Faith

JFD Rule With Faith

Rule with Faith (RwF) is the work of veteran Civ modder JFD, who sees it as a continuation of his Rise to Power mod for Civ 5. That mod aimed to deliver better political and non secular depth to the sport, and RwF does the identical, including a brand new non secular coverage slot, 16 new insurance policies and three new governments.

RwF will probably be regularly up to date, and JFD hopes it “will come to parallel Rise to Power” in its scale. Download it here.

Civ 6 tweaks

Production queue

Production queue

Thank you, Lozenged. Much like Counting Crows, who now need to individually order the paving of Paradise after which the development of a car parking zone, we did not realise what we had in metropolis manufacturing queues till they have been gone. Restore this significant quality-of-life operate to Civ 6 with Lozenged’s production queue.

Restart button

Restart button

According to Remgrandt, “the restart button [is] already within the recreation information”, however would not have any performance connected to it. His mod merely allows it till Firaxis provides it correctly in a patch, so with one click on you may exit and restart your present recreation. Perfect for individuals who get pleasure from whiffing their early exploration/development strikes.

Get Remgrandt’s restart button at CivFanatics. 

Smoother issue

Making a difficult AI is hard in technique video games, maybe extra so than in every other style. Designers normally need to resort to giving the AI synthetic bumps to useful resource manufacturing, and even free models, to present a savvy participant a run for his or her cash. Unfortunately, the way in which Civ 6 does this could imply sure demise for the participant earlier than there’s something they’ll bodily do to cease it, because the AI swamps you with its 5 free Warriors (we’re not kidding – to see how a lot cheese drips from the AI on Deity issue, see our article on Civ 6 difficulties).

Fortunately, right here’s RushSecond with an answer. This mod removes a lot of the AI’s further beginning models, and as an alternative dials up its useful resource technology bonuses. The outcome must be a smoother problem on increased difficulties, with the AI retaining tempo with you all through the sport regardless of its technical ineptitude, but unable to stuff you within the first two dozen turns via an unfair unit benefit.

Grab RushSecond’s smoother issue mod here.

PhotoKinetik Westeros

PhotoKinetik Westeros

For these of you who didn’t take to Civ 6’s vibrant aesthetic, right here’s 12@!n (no thought if that is making an attempt to spell an actual phrase) with a reshade mod. Inspired by the Game of Thrones opening sequence, it mutes Civ 6’s colors to present a cooler, extra mature, washed-out look, as you see above.

You can obtain PhotoKinetik Westeros here. Note that it has some extra difficult set up directions than most different mods on this record because it depends on ReShade, a separate post-processing software, to attain its results. You can obtain ReShade here.

These are just some of our present favourites – be happy to browse for your self at CivFanatics and Nexus Mods. Having been spoiled with terrific content material since Civ 5’s launch in 2010, we all know that the modding group is able to a lot extra. Once the Steam workshop assist for Civ 6 multiplayer modding is patched in, we’re hoping they’re going to get round to some extra complicated additions.

Which of those are you going to put in? Have you discovered any that we missed? Tell us all about them within the feedback.