Sekiro Best Ending Guide: How to unlock the Shura, Immortal Severance, Purification, and Return endings

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As with a lot of From Software’s different enigmatic games, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice provides a number of completely different endings that replicate the choices that you just make throughout its prolonged journey. While they’re fairly forgiving when it comes to solely locking you out of key choices on the very finish of the game, some are just a little extra sophisticated than others. To allow you to out, right here’s a information on the best way to get all of the endings on this shinobi journey, so you possibly can choose the greatest ending to cap off your time.

Oh, and naturally, this incorporates large spoilers, so flip away now for those who’re nervous about that type of factor.

Shura ending

This is by far the best to get, nevertheless it’s additionally undoubtedly the “worst” ending. Simply carve a swath by means of the game till it prompts you to go to the rooftop area the second time. There, Owl will ask you to obey the Iron Code and forsake your grasp Kuro. If you determine to go together with the Code, you’ll battle two bosses unique to this path. Once you beat them each, you’ll obtain this ending. This path cuts out a good portion of the game, so it’s not really helpful for a primary playthrough.

Immortal Severance ending

You may take into account this the “default” ending to the game. When Owl asks you to make your selection, determine to stick with Kuro and defeat Owl. After that, merely do what Kuro says till you battle the ultimate boss within the Silvergrass Field exterior of Ashina. Assuming you didn’t full any of the sidequests that provide the different endings, you’ll obtain this finish.

Purification ending

This one requires just a little extra work than the primary two, and it additionally contains an unique boss battle that unlocks an achievement. When Owl asks you to make your selection, stick with Kuro and defeat him. Go and go to Isshin in his watchtower, and listen in on he and Emma’s dialog.

From there, go to Kuro and discuss to him till he begins repeating himself, then listen in on him behind a nook of the room. (This was just a little buggy for me throughout a few playthroughs, so that you may need to relaxation or depart and are available again till it triggers.) After that, discuss to Emma and agree together with her choice, then relaxation and discuss to her once more.

Go to the Old Grave (close to the place you met the seller with the massive hat), and discuss to her there. Then warp to the Dilapidated Temple and listen in on her dialog with the Sculptor by means of a gap within the again. Talk to her once more, and he or she’ll offer you a bell that unlocks a tougher model of the Hirata Estate while you pray on the Buddha within the temple. Defeat the 2 minibosses right here – use the puppet capability to even the chances on the Drunkard for those who want help – and head all the way down to the place you fought Lady Butterfly.

You’ll should defeat Owl once more, solely he’s rather a lot harder this time. Deflect his combos, hold the strain on him, slice him when he makes an attempt his perilous assaults in vary, and watch the swooping owl’s location within the second part, and also you’ll finally come out on prime. After that, merely progress by means of the game usually till you battle the ultimate boss within the Silvergrass Field. Once you try this, you’ll get this ending.

Return ending

This is arguably the “best” ending, nevertheless it requires much more steps than Purification, so buckle in.

Before we begin, it’s value noting that lots of people have reported points getting numerous elements of this chain to progress, so we advocate backing up your save if essential. (On Windows 10, it’s in your AppData folder, underneath Sekiro. Type %Appdata% in your Explorer bar to get there simply.)

Additionally, when you retrieve the Dragon Tears by defeating the Divine Dragon within the Fountainhead Palace, you’ll seemingly be locked out of this questline, so do it beforehand.

First, you might want to have the power to dive underwater, which you get by defeating the Corrupted Monk in Mibu Village, in Ashina Depths. Go to the Temple Grounds idol on the Senpou Temple and dive into the pond instantly in entrance of you. You’ll discover a Prayer Bead, however extra importantly, you’ll discover a scroll known as Holy Chapter: Infested. For the following step you wish to discuss to the Divine Child within the Inner Sanctum. (For every of those steps, if the following one doesn’t set off, you could have to relaxation or depart and are available again for it to work.) Give her the scroll you discovered. When she provides you rice, eat it. Rest and ask for extra till she provides it to you.

Do this as many occasions because it takes, and he or she’ll finally ask you for a persimmon. Give one to her, and he or she’ll offer you extra rice. Talk to her once more, and he or she’ll offer you Rice for Kuro. Feed that to Kuro, and he’ll offer you Sticky Rice Balls. Go again to the Divine Child and discuss to her about Kuro, after which depart. When you come again, she must be gone from the Inner Sanctum.

Check the Hall of Illusion the place you fought these rattling annoying monkeys, and also you’ll discover her straight forward, in entrance of the Great Tree. She’ll let you know to seek out the grasp of the temple. Go to the Voldo-infested cave to the left of the place you rang the bell to get into the Hall of Illusion initially and wander round till you discover a useless physique with one other scroll on it. Bring it to the Divine Child, and he or she’ll let you know that she wants two fruits of the Great Serpent so as to progress. Now, you possibly can most likely determine what to do from right here, particularly for those who talked to the 2 previous ladies at Senpou Temple and the Ashina Castle Gate, however for those who’re nonetheless caught, right here’s what to do.

To get the contemporary fruit, go to one of many early Senpou Temple idols and look down for one of many Raiden-hat assassins in entrance of a kite mechanism. Use the puppet ninjutsu backstab deathblow method on him, and he’ll routinely pull the kite out. Past the primary few waves of monks, climb onto the large Shenmue-esque tree and grapple onto the kite. Follow that path till you discover a lone plank standing out on the misty moor. Look down, and also you’ll see the asshole snake that’s been looking you the entire game. Jump down and deathblow him to get an achievement and the contemporary fruit.

To get the dried fruit, go to Bodhisattva Valley within the Sunken Valley. Instead of heading ahead to the place you fought the Guardian Ape, flip round and comply with the poison river till you get to one of many tent distributors. Past him, you’ll discover a cave patrolled by one other large serpent. Sneak round and ahead dodging geckos and spectral wall-ghosts till you discover a part the place you possibly can cover behind a wall. Go down and left. You’ll get to an element the place you see a monkey and a grapple level. You can use your puppet method on the monkey to get it to bounce and distract the serpent, or just utilise the Mist Raven software to dodge his preliminary strike. Run into the temple and seize the dried fruit.

Go again to the Inner Sanctum and provides the 2 fruits to the Divine Child. Rest as soon as and test on her past the closed door, then relaxation once more. You ought to be capable of discuss to her. (If resting or leaving and coming again received’t allow you to in, you may have to defeat a boss and test again.) Accept the Frozen Tears. Now, merely progress by means of the game till you battle the ultimate boss within the Silvergrass Field. Choose to offer Kuro the Frozen Tears and the Dragon Tears, and also you’ll obtain this ending.

Secret boss

A fast notice right here: there’s a secret boss proper earlier than the ultimate one which some individuals may miss, so right here’s a fast information on the best way to get to him. Again, main spoilers for all endings aside from Shura. After you get the Dragon Tears, head again to the Castle. Check across the roof till you see a shinobi kite, and grapple it to get again to the Outskirts.

This space is patrolled by numerous high-level enemies, so we advocate simply working previous them. Follow the trail, and also you’ll finally see a Sculptor’s Idol within the flames. Interact with it, and also you’ll be warped to the battlefield the place you fought Gyoubu. You’ll know the boss while you see it. For our cash, that is the toughest boss within the game, so good luck! Quick trace: you have to be holding the dash button the complete battle.

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