Red Dead Redemption 2 is now obtainable on Steam


If you will have so far delayed your wild west adventures since you don’t care to make use of both Rockstar or Epic’s retailer, your wait is over. One month after debuting on PC, Red Dead Redemption 2 is bought on Steam too.

If you will have so far managed to remain unaware of Red Dead 2, I’d prefer to congratulate you in your wholesome non-internet life-style. You can watch this right here trailer from the yr 2018 that introduces you to all of the cowboy-themed financial institution robbing and horse-wranglin’ that you just’ll do in digital 1899 with Arthur Morgan, his buddy Dutch, and the Van der Linde gang.

Matthew stated in his Red Dead Redemption 2 PC review again in November:

“RDR2 is a game of two distinct halves: the cinematic story you have little control over, and the sandbox where you rob trains and then spend your haul on hot baths and nice hats, because you’re a gentleman thief, dammit. These two sides are constantly butting together. All the while the game’s story of spiralling despair and tension is working hard to sell you on how dire your situation is, it has to contend with the fact that you can piss off and go herb collecting for five hours.”

Despite the grandiose cowboy narrative coming considerably at odds with the slower-paced sandbox exploration, he sums all that up with calling it the “definitive version of the definitive Rockstar game.”

If you’d prefer to skip the story, you possibly can as an alternative hop proper into enjoying Red Dead Online, although you’ll discover that loads of people have already been grinding for ranges fairly diligently. You’ll have a little bit of catching as much as do whether or not you’d simply love to do the net story missions or begin working one of many frontier pursuit jobs to earn money.

Dedicated Steam gamers might have missed out on a month’s price of cowboy motion however ought to not less than discover lots of the preliminary bugs, crashes, and launcher woes all ironed out. RDR2’s preliminary PC launch got here with its share of crashing problems however the additional month of patching has finished the game’s stability some good and gamers becoming a member of in now ought to discover it runs at a smoother gallop.

You can lasso Red Dead Redemption 2 into your Steam library for £55/€60/$60.


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