Quitting Qatab: Turn 17

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In Combat Mission jubilation can flip to despair within the time it takes to sort “WTF”. Pleased as Punch after rescuing Van der Valk, the marooned Dutch airman, the Comment Commanders should now face the results of their dangerous eleventh hour rescue mission – a flip of tense debussing far from the relative security (?) of South Beach.

(Quitting Qatab is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 wherein NATO forces are orchestrated by commenters whereas Qatabi items are laptop managed. Each every day flip covers one minute of motion. For a situation define and summaries of earlier turns, click here) 

If we had been enjoying CMSF2 in real-time mode, transferring the crews of the NATO tanks to Extricator would most likely be accomplished and dusted in underneath 30 seconds. In WeGo mode (a necessity for Play by Comment CM) order system limitations imply it should most likely find yourself taking 3 times as lengthy. Perhaps the delay is the game’s approach of simming the Brits spiking their steeds earlier than abandoning them . Yes, let’s go along with that.

One tankie is spared the frustration of the necessary wait. Scimple Scimons, the Scimitar commander, decides to disregard the rigorously plotted NW-aligned ‘bail-out’ pointer and leap down on the starboard aspect of his car earlier than Extricator has had an opportunity to seed a smokescreen. A sniper’s bullet within the neck is his reward.

While the tankmen are cooling their heels (or in Scimons case, turning up their toes) within the open air, Van der Valk is huddled subsequent to Extricator’s radio trying to repay his debt to his comrades by performing as JTAC for final flip’s surprising arrival. Partnered with every other Allied unit, the earliest we might count on contributions from Quidditch Five Zero, the Apache assault helicopter, could be flip 22 (the game ends after flip 20!). Working in live performance with the heli-literate Dutchman – a professional JTAC as luck would have it – Hellfires ought to be hellraising within the remaining flip.

Revving AAV engines, bawling Marines, jangling package, pounding fight boots… South Beach isn’t any place for a siesta in flip 17. Rather than watch for Swamp Thing to reach, 2nd Squad’s A staff, the Landy Boys,  and the machinegunners of 4th Squad’s A staff determine to hitch a carry with ready-to-sail Ample Annie. Constrained by the identical order limitations because the British bailers to the north, Willy’s driver doesn’t have that possibility. He’ll have to attend for Swampy or board Annie subsequent flip.

The Qat armour respiration down her neck appears to place pep within the step of Swamp Thing. Before you possibly can say “OKC-3S bayonet” she’s skidding to a cease at redt76 and reducing her tail ramp so Yuen and his assistant can disembark. Our Javelin hurlers appear removed from completely happy to be dismounting. They jog to the wall shaking their heads and muttering about “minimum range” as they go.

The state of affairs at T+60…

The smoke clouds that shielded Extricator and the tank crews for many of the flip appear as keen to depart Qatab because the peacekeepers. They’re drifting SE at fairly a charge.

Qat armour has reached the V freeway.

Ample Annie is donning goggles and nose-clip.