Pokemon Go is ending assist for the Apple Watch so customers can simply give attention to one machine

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The still-massive Pokemon Go continues to alter and evolve – very similar to Pokemon themselves – and the following step for the ARG hit entails discontinuing Apple Watch assist.

Pokemon Go is big – it dominates our Pokemon page – so it might sound odd to see it dropping assist for the Apple Watch, that means that gamers can not monitor steps, XP progress and close by Pokemon and PokeStops on their watch as of July 1.

But as Niantic explains of their brief announcement, there’s a easy sufficient purpose for this – Adventure Sync has rendered the app redundant.

The Adventure Sync replace, which we’ve covered in detail before, means that you can sync up Pokemon Go together with your cellphone’s health app to reward you for steps taken even whenever you don’t have the Pokemon Go app loaded up. It signifies that there’s much less incentive to make use of a monitoring machine of any type of your wrist, and Niantic determined that it will be higher to give attention to a single app.

“Because Adventure Sync allows Trainers the option of tracking their steps, earning Buddy Candy, and hatching Eggs in one mobile device rather than 2 separate devices, we want to focus on building Adventure Sync so that Trainers will no longer have to split their gameplay between 2 devices”, the publish reads.

Support for the Apple Watch Pokemon Go app ends on July 1.