P!nk’s Kids Willow and Jameson Scale New Heights in Rock Climbing Pics

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Jameson Moon Hart, P!nk, and Willow Sage Hart

When your mom soars high above the heads of her fans during concerts and your dad is best known for flying over crowds on his motocross bike, it comes as no surprise that you might have the thrill-seeker gene. In a series of photos posted on Wednesday (June 9), former cycle champ Carey Hart shared some killer snaps of daughter Willow, 10, and son Jameson, 4, scaling stomach-churning heights on their first rock climbing trip.

“Our kids are gnarly. Willz and jamo’s 1st time outdoor rock climbing,” he wrote in a proud papa moment watching his and P!nk‘s little ones take on a big rock. “Willz was making quick work of this 100ft face, and it was hard to get pics of her since she was charging the top. Check out her stance in these photos.”

He also had high praise for son Jameson, writing, “Jamo blew me away at how he charged this rock. Under grabs and really thinking his way up the face. The stoke is real.”

In the series of snaps, the helmeted children scale the wall with some spotting from below by grown-ups, including an adorable video of a smiling Jameson rappelling down the wall and touching ground as Hart gives him props and a high five as the rest of the crew clap and hoot. “You did so good, bro, I’m so proud of you!” Hart says.

Willow recently showed off her comfort with heights when she performed a soaring routine with her mom at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

Check out the pics below.


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