Overwatch rolls out Sigma and new Role Queue matchmaking and queuing system

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The newest Overwatch hero, Sigma, is now obtainable in the primary game alongside the brand new Role Queue matchmaking characteristic.

Joining Sigma in Overwatch at the moment is the brand new Role Queue matchmaking and queuing feature.

Available in Competitive Play and Quick Play, gamers are ready choose which role they want to play earlier than a match begins. The matchmaking system will then match two of every function kind (tank, help, injury) to create a workforce.

Right earlier than the match kicks off, gamers will have the ability to choose their heroes. After the match, gamers will return to the primary menu and choose their function once more earlier than queuing for the subsequent match. Each function has its personal queue, and it is possible for you to to see the wait time on the role-selection display.

Blizzard’s hope is the Role Queue will improve match quality, give gamers extra management, and “provide more positive social experiences” between teammates.

Sigma has been playable on the Overwatch PTR since July.

The latest tank is described an “eccentric astrophysicist” who wears a jet-powered armor swimsuit, and may manipulate time.

Check out his launch trailer above.