Nightmare-Fuel Peekaboo and Nite Nite Outfits return to the Fortnite Item Shop

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There’s nothing scary about pretty, pleasant clowns, proper? Especially when their alternate costume sport cheek-splitting, toothy grins and swirling, unseeing eyes that bore proper into your very soul.

The vibrant, but unquestionably terrifying, Peekaboo and Nite Nite skins have returned to the Fortnite Item Shop, prepared to your V-bucking pleasure when Fortnite returns from its weekly downtime.

All that clown-fearing gamers can hope for now’s that they don’t comply with John Wick’s lead and run a practical tie-in for IT 2.

Save the World gamers don’t must really feel not noted although. A brand new “Phase Shifting Dino” pores and skin, the Fossil Southie Outlander, has dropped in your store.

The rumour-mill this week means that there may very well be some massive modifications afoot within the Polar biome within the southwest nook of the Fortnite map. Despite being one of many more moderen additions to the world, the Polar Peak Iceberg could be on the way out, and monsters let loose on the island once again.

While on the official side of things, this week’s Patch Notes detailed a new grenade, the Storm Flip. A powerful item that creates a little pocket of storm damage while you’re inside the circle, while also protecting you if you find yourself outside the safe area.

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