Jet Lancer locks on for a summer season launch

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After booming, zooming and barrel-rolling by means of a preview construct of Jet Lancer, I’m assured that builders Vladimir Fedyushkin and Nicolai Danielsen (no studio title) are quickly to ship precisely what I needed from Luftrausers. Obviously impressed by Vlambeer’s twitchy score-attack dogfighter, Jet Lancer wraps its system in a structured story-heavy marketing campaign set in a really anime post-apocalyptic world. It additionally has some very giant robotic bosses to struggle and an intensely satisfying dodge roll button. It’s out this summer season. Below, a brand new trailer and a few ideas.

If you’ve not performed Luftrausers, each it and Jet Lancer are easy sufficient. It’s a 2D arcade shooter, often asking you to wipe out all of the baddies. You management just a little jet fighter, rotating round a central axis. One button fires your engines and makes you zoom round (and customarily defy gravity), the opposite fires your weapons. Jet Lancer provides a pair extra wrinkles, together with a recharging inventory of homing missiles, a rechargeable super-weapon, afterburners and a barrel roll that makes you briefly invulnerable whereas powering up your weapons for a second when you time an evasion good, which feels nice.

Players management Ash, a mercenary fighter pilot searching down sky-pirates harassing native transport within the far future. Those pesky pirates are additionally digging up historical robotic super-weapons from the ocean mattress – it’s all very Ace Combat by the use of Armored Core, plus just a little additional anime. After an early boss struggle you recruit Lem, a speaking cat and engineer who helps you to swap weapons and fighter parts between missions. Some missions favour sure loadouts, whereas some choices simply increase the problem. While your fighter’s look doesn’t change, there’s numerous totally different play-styles.

Probably the most important distinction from Luftrausers is the construction of the game. You choose your missions from a 3D world map, as you steer your provider round, studying little bits of world-building lore. Levels are quick and aggressive. Unlike Luftrausers the place you may regenerate well being by holding off the hearth button for a second, you may solely take three hits right here. Early missions are forgiving, however as soon as the extra aggressive enemy sorts begin to present up, it turns into all about barrel-rolling by means of hazard, and attempting to maintain monitor of twenty swirling missiles directly. Manic, however enjoyable, and by no means unattainable.

While they’re not able to pin down a date but, Jet Lancer is on monitor for a summer season launch. You can discover it here on Steam. It’ll be printed by Armor Games Studios.