Google Stadia and GeForce Now integrated directly into LG TVs

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Google Stadia and GeForce Now integrated directly into LG TVs

CES 2021 is an opportunity for major television manufacturers to offer a host of innovations, but also to form partnerships. This is how we learned during the presentation of its new range of televisions that LG will integrate the cloud gaming services Google Stadia and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now directly into its ecosystem. If the video game is not yet quite ready for the streaming of video games, devoid of physical consoles, on the side of some manufacturers, we are already thinking of tomorrow and it necessarily goes through cloud gaming, which continues to grow. ‘extend his web. The latter is already available on tablets, smartphones, TV boxes and will now attack the connected TV market, undoubtedly the platform that will serve as a real springboard for the general public.



So of course, Stadia could already work on any screen in the living room through a Chromecast dongle, but this time, it does away with any additional device to be just an application. directly available on the LG TV home page. So of course, it will always be necessary to have a Stadia controller to operate the service, but nothing tells us that a controller will be offered in addition when buying the TV. History also to be connected with the spirit of gaming which results from this partnership, LG specified that new models OLED, QNED and NanoCell will benefit from specific gaming, undoubtedly of the rates of refreshment to be compatible Xbox Series X and PS5. , especially with regard to 120fps. If LG is therefore the first TV manufacturer to announce such a partnership, it could on the other hand have its hair cut to the post since the first models to integrate Stadia and GeForce Now natively will not arrive on the market before the end of the second half of 2021. still has a little time …


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