Fortnite Fortbyte areas Guide: 64 Rox on high of Stunt Mountain, 17 Wooden Fish Building, Daytime Mountain high Cactus Wedge, Pressure Plate Puzzle answer

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Brand new Fortbyte areas are dropping each 24 hours! Over the course of Season 9 you’ll be seeing much more Fortbyte challenges, as this set of 100 powerful duties steadily unveils the Uptopia pores and skin throughout the approaching weeks. What will it appear to be? Nobody is aware of for sure, nevertheless it’s going to be a number of enjoyable decrypting the thriller.

There are a tons of various sorts of challenges. Some want you to go to particular areas, others unlock after gaining a certain quantity of XP, whereas some are tied to Weekly challenges.

Fortbyte Locations

Most of the Fortbyte challenges want no explaining, however there are a number of secret areas that may be troublesome to trace down within the warmth of a game – right here’s the place to go.

Accessible by Rox on high of Stunt Mountain

Just just like the very first location Fortbyte it’s a must to equip a selected pores and skin for this one, so head into your Locked and equip the tier 1 Battle Pass pores and skin, Rox.

Stunt Mountain is over within the west of the map, south of Pleasant Park and northwest of Neo Tilted!

You’ll discover the Fortbyte proper on high, so it’s worthwhile to drop in right here proper from the beginning of the game.

Found inside Wooden Fish constructing

You can discover this Fortbyte within the big picket fish within the geyser discipline to the north of Pressure Plant.

The precise Fortbyte itself is discovered within the tail of the fish, on its japanese facet.

Accessible within the daytime close to a Mountain Top Cactus Wedge

This is an attention-grabbing one, as a result of it appears to be linked to the size of time that has elapsed throughout a match.

To discover the Fortbyte itself, it’s worthwhile to go to the southeast of Paradise Palms and land on high of the mountain marked on the map under.

You can then see the Fortbyte within the skeleton on the southern fringe of the platform.

If you go there proper initially of a game, the Fortbyte appears to be locked, however after a couple of minute or so has elapsed it unlocks.

Accessible by fixing the strain plate puzzle NW of The Block

To remedy the strain plate puzzle to the northwest of The Block, you will want a full squad of 4 gamers or three useful strangers!

You can discover the strain plate puzzle subsequent to the bushes between map reference C1 and D1 within the high left nook of the map:

When you get there, three gamers should stand on the buttons you see on the ground:

You can then take turns for the 4th participant to gather the Fortbyte, then take somebody’s place on the strain plate.

Found inside Haunted Hills

The newest Fortbyte location is within the northeast of Haunted Hills!

Head over to the L-shaped constructing within the northeast of the realm and search across the nook and you may gather it with no extra necessities.

Accessible through the use of Rock Love Spray close to a lavafall

First off, earlier than you may full this one, it’s worthwhile to go into the locker and ensure you have the “Rock Love” spray outfitted. You get it for reaching free tier 2 on the Season 9 Battle Pass.

Once that’s finished, head to the lava circulation operating south out of Pressure Plant.

Down from the primary drop you’ll discover the practically invisible Fortbyte location. To gather it simply use the Rock Love spray on high of it – you don’t have to spray anyplace particular.

Found between a Reboot Van, Pirate Camp, and a Crashed Battlebus

This Fortbyte location is to the northwest of Lazy Lagoon. From the Pirate Ship, soar into the water and head west into the jungle.

You’ll discover the Fortbyte within the centre of a clearing on the coordinates within the screenshot under:

Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island

The Fortbyte that you just’re going to need to exit of your method to discover essentially the most on this first drop is: “Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island”.

To seize it, you first have to equip the Sentinel pores and skin that you just get from the primary tier of the Season 9 Battle Pass.

Then drop right into a match and head over to the excessive southwest of the Fortnite Map. Off the southern fringe of the island you’ll see a few islands. On the westernmost island you’ll discover the practically invisible Fortbyte close to the southern edge.

Walk over an work together with it to assert your prize.

Back within the menu, you’ll unlock the primary sq. of the mysterious image as your reward.

Location in Loading Screen 2

You don’t truly have to have unlocked Loading Screen 2 to seize this Fortbyte! (Cred to Daniel Myers within the feedback!) Simply head to the south of Paradise Palms, close to the pink dinosaur.

Just behind it, you’ll see a home with a transportable bathroom out again. Hit the moveable bathroom along with your axe and also you’ll have the ability to gather the elusive merchandise.

All of the primary batch of Fortbytes are as follows:

Fortbyte challenges
Accessible by fixing the strain plate puzzle to the NW of The Block
Gain 175,000 XP
Gain 60,000 XP
Found at location in Loading Screen 2
Reach Battle Pass Tier 40
Gain 225,000 XP
Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island
Complete 6 challenges in Week 2
Reach Battle Pass Tier 20
Reach Battle Pass Tier 100
Finish Top 10 in Squads, Duo, or Solo 25 instances
Finish Top 10 in Squads, Duos, or Solo 75 instances
Complete 6 challenges from Week 1
Reach Battle Pass Tier 60
Gain 30,000 XP
Finish Top 10 in Squads, Duos, or Solo 50 instances
Finish Top 10 in Squads, Duos, or Solo 100 instances
Reach Battle Pass Tier 80
Gain 125,000 XP
Found inside Fatal Fields
Accessible utilizing Rock Love Spray close to a lavafall
Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and a crashed Battlebus
Found inside Haunted Hills

Fortbytes Drop 2

Found inside Fatal Fields

Over on the west facet of Fatal Fields you’ll discover a two storey home.

On the second flooring within the room with a desk, you’ll discover the Fortbyte within the nook.

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