Fallout 76 participant sends Todd Howard some bobby pins so he can weigh them

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Bethesda boss shared a narrative throughout PAX East 2019 a couple of package deal from a peeved Fallout 76 participant containing a field of bobby pins for him to weigh.

“Some people send letters,” Bethesda’s govt director, Todd Howard, mentioned throughout the panel. “Some of these are very artistic. I obtained a field of bobby pins the opposite week which mentioned, ‘weight these’.

“To whoever despatched that, that was essentially the most artistic letter I obtained.”

The letter refers to Fallout 76 playing silly buggers with bobby pin weight. Unlike Fallout 4, bobby pins’ weight worth isn’t zero in Fallout 76, however somebody obtained a bit carried away over at Bethesda and assigned every pin a weight worth of 0.1. To put that into perspective with the remainder of the objects within the game, 20 pins weighed in on the equal of a missile, whereas 60 of the issues had been on a par with a mini nuke for the Fat Man launcher.

Even in the event you’ve by no means used a bobby pin earlier than, the truth that sliding just a few into your hair doesn’t end in a snapped neck as gravity works it magic on their minuscule mass ought to be proof sufficient of how ludicrous that was.

The subject was patched out in January, with the replace decreasing bobby pin weight from 0.1 to 0.001, nevertheless it reared its head once more in another update a couple of weeks later.

Last week, Bethesda introduced Survival Mode to Fallout 76, bringing its “high stakes” PvP to the game.

But arguably, this has simply created the proper storm for griefers, with Jeremy Peel calling it a “griefer’s paradise.”