Dawn of War three faction information – the right way to dominate the battlefield with the Space Marines, Orks and Eldar

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In the eternally calamitous universe of Warhammer 40Okay, conflict has dawned for the third time. It makes you ponder whether there’s ever actually a nightfall to this conflict. Do they take a break within the interim years, commerce and possibly channel their rivalry into one thing extra constructive like Blood Bowl, or is Dawn of War III truly extra like ‘Continuation of War’?  In equity, every Dawn of War has proved distinct from the final, and the third entry is a mechanical overhaul on what got here earlier than; a return to the base-splosive bombast of extra conventional RTS video games (with a touch of MOBA within the multiplayer). It’s truthful sufficient to name it a New Dawn…

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And with new guidelines come new methods for the gamers presiding over the strict Space Marines, rambunctious Orks, and the snooty, teleporting bastards often called the Eldar. So listed below are some helpful techniques suggestions and techniques for every military that I’ve picked throughout my tumultuous time within the distant future.

Space Marines

This is as shut as you get to the boring all-rounders of the DoW III universe, which is to say ‘not close at all’. They’re sturdy in melees, and have a complete load of concussive strikes that stun and knock again your opponents. Their main gimmick is the orbital relay, which lands drop pods at a spot of your selecting, knocking again enemies and spawning models utilizing an additional manufacturing queue (it additionally provides you one free complimentary unit on touchdown). Throw these down in areas that you just count on to be hotly contested i.e. round useful resource nodes or close to (however out of sight of) enemy bases.

Space Marine Strategy

Assault Marines are nice for sending enemy infantry models into disarray through the use of their Leap capacity that throw them into the thick of battle, they usually’ll put up a hell of a battle in a melee because of their excessive DPS and HP. These guys are my most popular unit to throw down in drop pods. 

The artillery-striking Whirlwind Tanks are beastly, and must be on the rear of any main assault by your forces – notably while you assault bases or buildings, as a result of they’ll stay out of sight of your enemy whereas delivering big ‘heavy armour’ harm (most buildings are ‘heavy armour’). Try having a minimum of 4 of them collectively, and be at liberty to make use of them to bombard enemy useful resource nodes from afar. 

Use the Dreadnought together along with your Assault Marines to ship enemy infantry scattering, remembering to make use of its Slam capacity to stun enemies and keep away from getting swarmed. When you embark on these melee assaults, assist them with a few Predatory Destructor Tanks to make sure you get these first hits in. Generally, tanks give Space Marines an enormous benefit at very lengthy distances, so remember to exploit that. 

Dawn of War three Space Marines Elite models

A person with shoulder pads so beefy that they’re increased than his head, Gabriel Angelos is macho sufficient to make even our resident manly man Simon Miller wilt like a daisy within the shadow of a flowering oak tree. His leaping God-Splitter capacity is nice for taking out defensive positions held by enemy ranged models. On the opposite hand, the extra prices you clock up on God-Splitter, the longer your defend lasts while you use Retribution, which is value doing in case you’re in an extended combined-arms skirmish, and wish to shield Gabriel and his fellow marines from distant ranged attackers. 

If I used to be to select any fictional soldier-types from historical past to have as a private bodyguard, the Assault Terminators could be up there – they simply look so unwavering, so sturdy… But I digress. Ass Termies (as nobody has ever referred to them) are deadly each at vary with their miniguns and up shut with their Thunder Hammers, so don’t be afraid to throw them into melees, notably as they’ve the radial gorgeous Hammer Slam capacity. With that stated, they dish out extra harm from a distance, in order that’s how I want to make use of them. A great technique is to teleport them across the rear of enemy strains and allow them to unload their miniguns to trigger some severe havoc because the enemy is compelled to take care of threats from two sides. When the enemy goes to fulfill you, whip out the Hammer Slam, then interact or teleport away relying in your well being.

Kill Team Ironmaw aren’t glamorous, however keep in mind that all these fancy mega high-level Elites won’t even come into play by the point a battle is over, given what number of Elite factors they require, so specializing in the early recreation is arguably extra essential. Select a flamethrower upon deployment, apply it to low-level infantry, then teleport away if the melee scuffle (which Ironmaw don’t excel in) will get an excessive amount of. In the later recreation, save your Elite factors for Assault Terminators as a substitute of spawning these guys, as they’re principally the high-level badasses that Ironmaw want they might be themselves.


I’ve already swooned over the not-so-noble savagery of the Orks in my evaluation, and awkward although they might initially be to play as, there are few sights in DoW III fairly like a horde of heavily-armed Boyz, pumped up by the heavy steel music of WAAAAGH towers and armoured to their purple eyeballs in collected scrap, rampaging into battle. 

But their distinctive mechanics make the Orks robust to become familiar with while you’re up towards different gamers (overlook the marketing campaign, on-line is a complete completely different enviornment). On the brilliant aspect, they’re low-cost to construct, so don’t maintain again in sending swarms of them in your enemies. I think that with time Relic will rebalance them to make them stronger, however that’s all of the extra purpose to acclimatise to their mechanics now, so when they’re improved you’ll be coasting. Here’s the right way to overwhelm your opponents utilizing this rabble of green-skinned mockney geezers.

Ork Strategy

Orks begin out with the Boyz unit, which likes to tough it up in melees. It’s most likely the very best beginning unit, able to taking out rival beginning models in case you get the leap on them. So don’t be afraid to get caught in there – ideally after upgrading them with some scrap (it’s essential to all the time hold your models effectively totally upgraded with scrap).

Send a few Gretchins out along with your raiding events, retaining them out of the battles, however sticking round to show the scrap left behind from battles into upgrades to your models. If all of your models are effectively scrapped up already, flip the leftover scrap into autos (observe that these autos gained’t be as robust as ones made in buildings). You may construct WAAAGH towers utilizing scrap, however typically you wish to place these in fairly particular positions (extra on that in a bit) fairly than wherever the scrap occurs to fall, so I don’t typically suggest doing this.

The heavy infantry Nobz are a high-damage, high-health unit that, notably beneath the affect of WAAAAGH, are one of the vital devastating infantry models within the recreation. Use and abuse them as quickly as you’ll be able to, sending them in as frontline troops, intently supported by Trukkz so you’ll be able to hold regenerating them. Speaking of which…

Trukkz are an absolute should. These yellow perils act as cellular reinforcing factors, permitting you to heal depleted models at a small price. Don’t maintain again on spamming the ‘Reinforce’ possibility, notably throughout battle, as that’ll hold your models continually therapeutic. Train your self to pick out Trukkz and hit that ‘Reinforce’ button (‘R’ key) shortly till it greys out. You may load up a Trukkful of models – melee models like Nobz and Boyz are finest – then catapult them into the midst of ranged enemies. Be warned that Trukkz’ well being isn’t big, so don’t have them proper on the entrance of the fray.

The Killa Kan is a unit that generates rockets (or ‘rokkits’) over time, then fires them off in fast succession while you use the power. While it’s designed primarily for smashing autos and buildings, it’s additionally surprisingly efficient towards infantry. Upgrade them with scrap to extend their most variety of rockets, and focus that fireplace on the enemy automobile inflicting you most hassle in battle.

Orks are the one faction able to constructing towers aside from listening posts, within the type of the fantastic WAAAAGH towers. These are important to any Orkish technique, as they not solely hearth on enemies, however name in scrap for upgrading your models, rouse surrounding models once they cost into battle, and are liable for upgrading your military. Build them at places the place you’ll be seeing numerous motion. At the beginning of a match, construct a WAAAGH tower on the centre of the map and set it as a rally level to your troops to ascertain an early dominance.

Dawn of War III Ork Elite models

Ork chief Gorgutz is a giant, tanky melee unit who can shortly shut distances together with his Grapplin’ Claw. This means, he can shortly wipe out a few squads himself (extra in case you use his Spinning Claw capacity), but additionally stuns enemies so your Boyz and your Nobz can shortly and brutally comply with by and cost them down.

Big Mek Wazmakka’s Traktor Beam slows enemy models, so is especially efficient towards these elusive Eldar and their Elites. It additionally buffs your personal models. Orbital Scrap in the meantime, is type of like a mini artillery strike, meting out first rate harm, and producing scrap whereas it’s at it. This is especially helpful in case you’re in the midst of a big skirmish, as you’ll be able to then use Wazmakka’s Scrap Turrets capacity to – would you consider it – flip scrap into momentary turrets.

The considering Ork’s Ork, Weirdboy Zapnoggin is the caster of the Ork faction, and one in every of its simplest elites. His teleporting Ere We Go capacity is nice for getting out of these melees you wish to keep away from, in addition to zapping him close to skirmishes so he can unleash his Scrap Blast, which damages the enemy in a cone whereas therapeutic your personal Boyz. I’ve seen this transfer wipe out a squad of Space Marines in a single blast, and it solely has a 20-second cooldown too! The caveat is that Zapnoggin is, in RTS parlance, squishy. As in he squishes simply. So don’t have him hanging round for melees an excessive amount of.


The dainty house elves begin off weak, and would require you to be savvy along with your micro-management to get them functioning half-well. One you recover from the hump although, you’ll discover that they actually come into their very own (teetering on overpowered even, although it’s too early to say at this level). They transfer extraordinarily quick, and their teleporting skills make them able to cropping up by the legion-load in surprising locations across the map. Naturally, you’ll want discover ways to utilise these distinctive abilities to get essentially the most out of them.

Eldar Strategy

Eldar begin off with the comparatively weak Ranger models, however in case you use their plasma grenades correctly, you’ll have the ability to take out their Space Marine and Ork counterparts. Also, these Rangers use stealth routinely, so use them to uncover enemy territory then keep there to observe their exercise on the minimap. They’re scouts fairly than troopers.

Eldar infantry transfer exceptionally quick, and are endowed with Battle Focus – shields that regenerate while you’re not in battle. Once the shields deplete nonetheless, Eldar infantry change into very susceptible, so ‘hit and run’ techniques work finest for them. This is all of the extra essential as a result of they’re costly to construct. Deal some harm to your enemies, then if they begin dragging you into melee brawls, get out of there.

As early as you’ll be able to in a match, use the Bonesinger’s Warp capacity to zap your self to the nodes across the centre of the map. There’s no means your enemies will get to these central nodes earlier than you (except they use this identical trick), and it provides you a vital early territorial benefit.

Eldar autos are, from my expertise, crap. Next.

The Wraithguards might transfer gradual, nevertheless it’s solely as a result of they don’t have to maneuver for anyone (not fully true, however shut sufficient to warrant a Goodfellas reference). Their big well being and armour bars, together with pulverising however slow-charging laser blaster thingies, make them formidable and irritating opponents. Having 4 of them in a defensive place will decimate squads-worth of enemies earlier than they’ll even get shut. They’re nice towards each heavy armour and infantry, although if I’ve Shadow Spectres within the battle, I’ll focus the Spectres on attacking buildings, leaving the Wraithguards to take out harmful enemy autos. Be certain to make use of their Infinity Portal capacity to recall them in the event that they get near demise, as a result of rebuilding them is horribly costly.

The floating Shadow Spectres are as elusive as they arrive, flying across the battlefield no matter terrain. Their harm output will increase the longer you constantly assault a single unit or construction. This, together with their Heavy Armour harm bonus, makes them excellent for concentrating on autos and buildings. If you get caught whereas laser-beaming a constructing, you merely fly away. Beautiful.

Eldar can teleport their buildings across the battlefield, so make the most of that. The most essential constructing to do that with is the Webway Gate, which you’ll all the time wish to have pretty near your frontlines to spice up your infantry’s defend regeneration and pace. You may transfer different constructions round, however in video games the place each second counts, you’re higher off establishing Webways between your house base location and webway gates in your frontlines, so you’ll be able to shortly get your troops to, and away from, key places across the map – particularly useful resource nodes (as a result of basic expense of constructing issues as Eldar and stated teleporting, you shouldn’t trouble with constructing many ahead bases).

Dawn of War III Eldar Elite models

You’ll be spending a good bit of time with Eldar chief Farseer Macha, so you must most likely get used to her and her ethereal methods. Being a caster sort, she’s fragile, however can a minimum of dole out higher than she will get. Her Singing Spear offers appreciable harm in a straight line, then when it reaches its location it boosts surrounding Eldar models. Activate the power once more to name the spear again in, ideally ensuring there are enemies in the best way so it damages them on the best way again.

Jain Zar is fiendishly quick, and is especially deadly when charging into battle (finest accompanied by a bunch of Howling Banshees) because of her passive skills that bolster the pace and battle focus of her allies, whereas slowing enemies down. Use her to spearhead melee assaults, however don’t depart her hanging round within the fray for too lengthy as a result of she’s fragile past that preliminary second of impression. She’s helpful within the early phases of a recreation alongside Howling Banshees to trigger havoc amidst enemy infantry.

Despite their cyborg ninja look, Warp Spiders are, like many issues Eldar, light creatures, however can drop teleports to ship your fleet-footed military gallivanting by, making them improbable for ambushes. Send them in the direction of an enemy pressure, drop a portal, assault that pressure from vary, then when the enemy prices you, ship your Howling Banshees by the portal to intercept the attackers (ideally, equip your Banshees with the wonderful Improved Scream improve, and a well-timed Quick Strike ) whereas the Spiders blast them from afar.

That does it for our suggestions – now it’s over to you. We wish to hear about your personal private methods and recommendation, so tell us about them under.