Curious Expedition 2 ventures forth later this 12 months

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German studio Maschinen-Mensch have introduced Curious Expedition 2, a follow-up to the 19th century discover ’em up we declared our favourite roguelike(like) of 2016. The Explorer Clubs will as soon as once more be heading out into uncharted (by us) lands to uncover unknown (to us) civilisations and perhaps meet a dinosaur or two alongside the way in which, impressed by Verne and Doyle and different such classic sci-fi writers. Due to enter early entry later this 12 months, the sequel will convey a brand new artwork fashion and a refresh of the technoguts that generate tales and relationships.

It’s to be one other procedurally-generated journey via distant lands, a party-based RPG with a splash of fight and heaps of simply plain adventuring, discovering marvels as we journey whereas tales and relationships unfold. And hopefully one other pleasant one.

“It’s a game you can pick up and play immediately. You don’t need to play a tutorial, it has crisp graphics and a simple UI, and a single session can be brought to a satisfying conclusion in 15 minutes,” our Graham mentioned in 2016.

“All of which would merely make it admirable if it didn’t also turn out to be packed with exciting events, dramatic decisions, and the kinds of consequences to your actions that you’ll want to run around and share with everyone you know. The Curious Expedition is a game that anyone can play. It’s also a great game. You should play it.”

The sequel will commerce pixellated appears for a “graphic novel” artwork fashion, which nonetheless appears good and cheery. Look at this pleased canine:

As for the technoguts, Maschinen-Mensch say their improved procedural era “will provide you with unique endless stories and characters, coming alive through their diverse personalities and relationship features.” Multiplayer is deliberate too, one thing they’ve not too long ago experimented with within the free-to-play Curious Expedition: Rivals.

Curious Expedition 2 is because of hit Steam later in 2019. Like the primary game, it’ll undergo early entry earlier than launching in full. Thunderful are publishing.

If you’re interested in Curious Expedition, the primary game is half-price on Steam proper now and has a demo too.

Ah gwan, have a music: