Borderlands 3: right here’s a full video breakdown of latest character Fl4k’s ability tree

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Lots of Borderlands Three information is dropping forward of the game’s launch, together with every character’s ability tree.

The Borderlands web site has been up to date with interactive skill trees, letting you toy and tinker with every character and work out the way you’re going to construct up your character forward of the game’s September 13 launch.

This new video from Arekkz focuses in on Fl4k the Beastmaster, a personality that hunts his prey alongside his pets. Arekkz has dug into the brand new character’s ability tree and gotten to grips with what it can imply to play as Fl4k.

The ability tree lets the Beastmaster construct up his pets in addition to Fl4k himself. You can decide every particular person pet and construct up their expertise, and even ultimately trigger them to ‘evolve’, giving them extra highly effective assaults. It’s like Pokemon with extra weapons.

The ability tree system is fairly deep, with three totally different paths and a heap of skills. Each ability tree is tied to a selected pet – observe the Stalker tree, for example, and you may make the Jabber pet throw poisonous barrels at enemies, whereas additionally unlocking a cloak skill for your self that grants you quicker actions and important hit photographs. You may even have your pet try and revive you should you go down on this tree, which needs to be very helpful for solo gamers.

Arekkz digs into all three ability timber right here, exhibiting off Fl4k’s offensive and defensive skills throughout the Stalker, Hunter and Master timber. There’s a variety of risk right here, so it’s price poking round and determining which character you just like the look of prematurely.

If you’re after extra Borderlands 3, you may as well try the game’s opening minutes.

Borderlands Three is releasing for PS4, Xbox One and PC.