You can alter the appearance of Kratos’s shield in God of War Ragnarok

Kratos stands over Tyr kneeling on the ground in God of War Ragnarok.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon

Kratos might be a god of battle, yet he’s by no indicates a god of style. If you’ve been playing God of War Ragnarök, you might have seen 1 or 2 cool-looking shield collections. The remainder, nevertheless, are downright gruesome — as well as additionally, go number, occur to have the very best statistics and also benefits. So it’s excellent information that God of War Ragnarök undoubtedly has a transmog attribute, which enables you to maintain the statistics of one shield established while shaking the appearance of an additional.

The catch is that you can’t access God of War Ragnarök’s transmog attribute till you’re in the last stretch of the game. First, you’ll require to constantly boost an item of equipment till it’s at ranking 9 (the highest degree an item of shield can be in Ragnarök). Even if you grind, you just won’t discover the products to update any kind of equipment to rate 9 till method later on in the game.

Kratos wears the Hunter’s Pauldron in God of War Ragnarok while standing in a menu with the transmog feature shown.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon

Once an item of shield goes to ranking 9, open your supply, most likely to the shield tab, choose the item of shield you’d like to alter the appearance of, and also press square to “edit appearance.” You’ll see a complete checklist of all the shield items in your supply. (Some collections of shield have several looks, depending upon just how much you’ve placed them up.) Hold square over the appearance you such as to use it — no requirement to burn resources or spend in-game currency.

Kratos wears Mani’s Pauldron of Wisdom appearance on the Hunter’s Pauldron thanks for God of War Ragnarok’s transmog feature.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon

Note that you can just use the aesthetic impact of shield that’s presently in your supply. Let’s state you like the health-boosting perk of Nidavellier’s Finest Plackart yet don’t such as that it (in some way) covers Kratos’ substantial deltoids. You much choose the harsh appearance of Mani’s Pauldron of Wisdom, yet don’t actually respect your runic stat and also marketed it off. If you desire the Plackart to appear like the Pauldron, you’d require to purchase the last back.

Also, it does not show up that you can use a transmog impact to tools or, regretfully, guards. (As somebody that leans hard on the effective but silly-looking Stone Wall Shield, this information ravaged me.)

One last pointer: If you’re at all sartorially minded, it’s worth accessing fixing the very least one collection of upper body shield to rate 9 prior to you start the game’s last goal. No looters, yet you’ll obtain one of the most fashionable shield embeded in the game right after you begin it.

Its statistics? Useless.


Source: Polygon

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