Warframe: How to accumulate warframes and equip mods

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equipment screen for equipping mods into the Ember warframe

At their core, Warframes aren’t terribly advanced. They all transfer principally the identical method and have 4 distinctive skills. The 40+ Frames are principally character courses; you’ll be able to swap between them at any level — assuming you’ve unlocked them first, however they will also be tweaked additional with mods. In this information, we’ll stroll you thru the fundamentals of buying your first Warframes, in addition to train the fundamentals to getting essentially the most out of equipping Warframe mods.

There’s definitely much more to Warframe itself that’s value delving into, however it might be considerably intimidating stepping into blind. If you get caught, you’ll be able to all the time head again over to our most important Warframe guide for the whole lot else it is advisable learn about Digital Extreme’s loot shooter.

Warframe Mods Guide

Warframes are basically like character courses in different video games, that means that in an effort to increase your skills to get essentially the most out of them, you’ll have to equip mods to enhance sure features of that character. These may enhance mobility, scale back the price to activate skills, or enhance your vary – amongst many others.

So how do you go about getting Warframes within the first place? Well, Warframes require a whole lot of work to unlock (assuming you don’t simply outright purchase them). Which is smart, contemplating it’s principally like getting a model new character each time you decide one up.

Obtaining your first Warframes

During your early hours in Warframe, you’ll be principally be getting new Frames by means of bosses. Each planet has its personal Assassination boss (some have multiple), and most of these bosses have an opportunity to drop one of many three Warframe elements: Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems. Typically, the prospect of these three dropping are in descending order. So, Neuroptics have the next likelihood than Systems to drop. Once you’ve bought all three elements, you’ll be able to (normally) purchase the Blueprints to place all of them collectively within the Market. Then, it’s time to construct!

Other Warframe elements and Blueprints will be picked up by means of sure Quests (Sands of Inaros rewards you with the whole lot it is advisable construct Inaros, for instance) or by way of Clan Dojo analysis (which we coated in our most important Warframe guide).

Once you’ve bought a Warframe below your belt, it’s time to begin leveling it up. All new Frames begin at stage 1, going all the best way as much as stage 30. As you rank up your Frames, you’ll be capable of put an increasing number of Mods into them, and that’s the place issues begin to get sophisticated.

warframe selection screen with Rhino warframe selected

Tinkering with Warframe Mods

Warframe Mods can do an entire lot of stuff, like rising their tankiness, their velocity, the power and length of their powers, and an entire bunch of different stuff. Most of the time, you’re going to need to be bettering on the issues that Frames already do properly.

Let’s take Rhino for instance — one of many oldest Warframes and one you’ll probably get early in your play time. Naturally, Rhino is likely one of the tankiest Frames within the recreation. So, you’ll need to make him even tankier. He’s one of many few Warframes with sufficient pure Armor to benefit from the Steel Fiber Mod, which will increase your Armor by a proportion based mostly on the Mod stage. You’ll be wanting to make use of his second capacity Iron Skin rather a lot, offers him a large harm buffer based mostly on how a lot Armor he has — one more reason why Steel Fiber is nice. (Check our introductory information to Warframe damage types.) But to solid it commonly, you’ll need to have Streamline (which reduces his skills’ prices) and Intensify (which makes all of his skills stronger). From there, you’ll be able to toy round with different min-maxing alternatives.

Or let’s have a look at Ember, one other early Frame and in style low-level DPS possibility. Most of Ember’s harm comes from her fourth capacity World on Fire, which does harm over time to enemies inside vary. Of course, you’re going to need to slot in mods that enhance that harm as a lot as doable (Intensify and Transient Fortitude are in style), enhance its vary (Stretch and Augur Reach), scale back its value so it will possibly keep on close to completely (Streamline), and provides her as a lot Energy as doable to maintain it on (Flow). Mods that allow her get across the map as rapidly as doable are all the time welcome, however not obligatory.

warframe mods selection screen

Of course, to ensure you can match all these Mods right into a single Frame, you’re going to need to do some work. Installing an Orokin Reactor doubles the Capacity so you’ll be able to slide Mods in, whereas Aura Mods refund a few of your Capacity. What’s extra, placing a Mod right into a slot with its corresponding Polarity will halve the Capacity value of mentioned Mod. The methods of the Warframe commerce are benefiting from each final little bit of doable Capacity to get your Frames to their strongest state.

Formas assist to do this, as properly. Once a Frame reaches stage 30, you’ll be able to spend a Forma in an effort to change the Polarity of a slot, even giving slots Polarity that didn’t have it earlier than. You can do that as many occasions as you need. However, each time comes at the price of dropping the Warframe all the best way again to stage 1. If you need to add Polarity a number of occasions to a Frame, be able to stage it over and over. It’s a course of, and an extended one.

If you’re baffled as to easy methods to Mod your Frames, head over to the Warframe Builder page, the place gamers can showcase their builds, the preferred of which rise to the highest. It’s a useful useful resource for studying easy methods to construct out your favourite Frames.

Should you nevertheless want to dabble into the extra highly effective Prime Frames or certainly tinker with Prime weapons and the like, remember to take a look at the Warframe Prime Relics Guide to get began. Alternatively, you may also have a look at our information to farming credits in Warframe via the Index Mission when you’re searching for credit to improve your Warframe Mods.



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