The Outer Worlds abilities & attributes information – character creation overview

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The Outer Worlds skills & attributes guide

For many – okay, advantageous, all – the very best a part of beginning a brand new RPG is at all times the character creation course of. And The Outer Worlds fails to disappoint on this regard, with its finely crafted array of attributes and abilities that you should use to begin carving out the trail of your character earlier than you even set foot on Halcyon. Our The Outer Worlds abilities & attributes information will assist you to make the alternatives you actually wish to make proper off the bat, with detailed explanations of how every talent is used in-game, and the way levelling up your abilities truly works in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds abilities & character creation information

The Outer Worlds attributes

The Outer Worlds abilities & character creation information

The very first determination to make when beginning a brand new game and creating a brand new The Outer Worlds character is to set the leaning of your attributes and your abilities. Both these mechanics are interconnected, and it’s pretty vital (particularly with attributes) that you just get it proper first time. Here’s what that you must learn about abilities and attributes in The Outer Worlds:

    • There are six attributes in The Outer Worlds, break up throughout three classes: Body (Strength and Dexterity), Mind (Intelligence and Perception), and Personality (Charm and Temperament).
    • Each of the six attributes start on “Average“, and may both be pushed right down to “Below Average“, gaining you a talent level to make use of elsewhere, or pushed upwards to “Good“, “High“, and “Very High“.
    • You solely have a complete of six talent factors to spend throughout the attributes, and every one impacts the bottom beginning values of assorted abilities (which you’ll be able to see once you hover over every attribute). They additionally provide you with an additional detrimental or constructive impact if altered from “Average”. For instance, rising Temperament will enhance your HP Regen, however setting it to “Below Average” will disable pure HP Regen and drive you to relaxation or use consumables to heal.
    • After modifying your attribute values, you will need to select two out of your seven talent sorts to stage up, offering a +10 bonus for every of the abilities in these sorts. We’ll go over every talent sort and talent beneath.
    • Each talent has sure threshold bonuses which activate each 20 factors. At 20 Dodge, for instance, you’ll acquire the flexibility to Leap. At 40 Dodge, your dodge restoration pace is doubled. And so on. Many issues can have an effect on your base talent values in The Outer Worlds, resembling travelling with a sure companion or utilizing a selected consumable – however solely the bottom worth is taken into consideration when unlocking these threshold bonuses, and as soon as unlocked you’ll at all times have entry to them even in the event you drop beneath that threshold afterwards.
  • You earn 10 talent factors every time you stage up, and you may make investments them in any of the seven talent sorts to extend the values of every talent of that sort – however as soon as a talent hits 50, you may solely stage it additional by investing straight into that one talent, relatively than the talent sort.

The major factor is to learn every little thing very rigorously. Hovering over every attribute and every talent gives you a good suggestion of what every one truly does. Invest some factors right into a talent as a check, and see what adjustments earlier than undoing it. Experimentation is vital. Now let’s go over every of The Outer Worlds’ abilities in additional element.

The Outer Worlds skills - Melee skills

Melee abilities in The Outer Worlds

Melee fight is a really viable path on your character to specialize in in the event you like getting up shut and private with enemies – taking into account that a lot of them can be armed themselves, so that you’ll wish to make good use of your TTD (Tactical Time Dilation) potential to keep away from their assaults and shut the space shortly. There are two sorts of melee weapon in The Outer Worlds: one-handed, and two-handed. Melee abilities are due to this fact equally simple to wrap your head round.

1-Handed Melee – Increases crit probability with 1-handed melee weapons.
20 Points: Unlock Power and Sweep Attacks.
40 Points: Unlock TTD Location Hit Effects.
60 Points: 1-Handed Melee Weapon Reach +30%.
80 Points: 1-Handed Melee Weapon TTD Drain -50%.
100 Points: Power and Sweep Attack Chance to Stun +25%.
2-Handed Melee – Increases crit probability with 2-handed melee weapons.
20 Points: Unlock Power and Sweep Attacks.
40 Points: Unlock TTD Location Hit Effects.
60 Points: 2-Handed Melee Weapon assaults are Unblockable.
80 Points: 2-Handed Melee Weapon TTD Drain -50%.
100 Points: Power and Sweep Attack Chance to Knockdown +25%.

The Outer Worlds skills - Ranged skills

Ranged abilities in The Outer Worlds

Ranged abilities once more are very simple to grasp, as every of the three abilities on this class assist you to to specialize in a selected weapon sort, offering you not solely with elevated crit probability and decreased weapon sway but additionally some very good threshold unlock advantages.

Handguns – Increases crit probability and reduces sway when utilizing Handguns.
20 Points: Unlock TTD Location Hit Effects.
40 Points: Handgun Critical Damage +50%.
60 Points: Minimum Armor Penetration Damage +10%.
80 Points: Debuffed Enemy Critical Chance +20%.
100 Points: Handgun Critical Hits ignore 100% Armor.
Long Guns – Increases crit probability and reduces sway when utilizing Long Guns.
20 Points: Unlock TTD Location Hit Effects.
40 Points: Long Guns Critical Damage +50%.
60 Points: Long Guns Headshot / Weakspot Damage +20%.
80 Points: Deadly Focus: No Weapon Sway for 5s after every kill.
100 Points: Long Gun Critical Hits ignore 100% Armor.
Heavy Weapons – Increases crit probability and reduces sway when utilizing Heavy Weapons.
20 Points: Unlock TTD Location Hit Effects.
40 Points: Heavy Weapons Critical Damage +50%.
60 Points: Heavy Weapons Reload Speed +30%.
80 Points: Heavy Weapon Frenzy: Critical Hits enhance Rate of Fire +30% for 3s.
100 Points: Heavy Weapon Critical Hits ignore 100% Armor.

The Outer Worlds skills - Defence skills

Defence abilities in The Outer Worlds

Defence abilities comprise each dodging and blocking. Blocking is barely related for melee fighters (however is near-essential for these specialising in melee), whereas dodging is beneficial for everybody. Take a take a look at the abilities and threshold bonuses beneath to see how they helpful they are often if levelled up.

Dodge – Increases Dodge distance and reduces dangerous Status Effect durations.
20 Points: Unlock the flexibility to Leap (dodge ahead).
40 Points: Dodge Recovery Speed +100%.
60 Points: Dodge Protection: +30% Armor Rating for 5s after each Dodge.
80 Points: Dodge Force: After Dodging, your subsequent Melee Attack positive aspects +50% Damage.
100 Points: Dodge Penetration: After Dodging, your subsequent Weak Spot hit inside 5s has a 50% Chance to Ignore Armor.
Block – will increase Armor Rating when utilizing a Melee Weapon.
20 Points: Perfect Block: Block simply earlier than you get hit to Stagger your attacker.
40 Points: Weapon Durability Loss from Blocking -25%.
60 Points: Walk Speed whereas Blocking +100%.
80 Points: No Weapon Durability Loss on a Perfect Block.
100 Points: Perfect Blocks weaken opponents, rising the injury they take by +100% for 5s.

The Outer Worlds skills - Dialog skills

Dialog abilities in The Outer Worlds

If you’re something like me, you’ll make investments closely within the Dialog abilities earlier than another talent sort. This is the skillset that unlocks many of the extra attention-grabbing dialog choices all through the game, supplying you with the flexibility to attraction or intimidate your manner into and out of sure conditions. But in addition they every have a famous use in fight due to their threshold bonuses.

Persuade – used to unlock hidden dialog choices in conversations.
20 Points: Cower: Humans have a 20% probability to cower in concern for 3s after the primary time you hit them.
40 Points: Cower Duration +7s.
60 Points: Cowered Target’s Armor -50%.
80 Points: Human Cower Chance +10%.
100 Points: When a Human cowers, you acquire +25% Armor for 10s.
Lie – used to unlock hidden dialog choices in conversations.
20 Points: Scramble: 15% probability Automechanicals will slowly assault different enemies as a substitute of you for 10s.
40 Points: Scramble Duration +7s.
60 Points: Scrambled Automechanicals assault at their regular pace.
80 Points: Automechanical Scramble Chance +10%.
100 Points: Scrambled Automechanical Weakspot Damage +30%.
Intimidate – used to unlock hidden dialog choices in conversations.
20 Points: Terrify: 20% probability Creatures will turn into Terrified and flee for 10s after you kill one.
40 Points: Terrify’s Area of Effect +100%.
60 Points: Terrified Creature Movement Speed -30%.
80 Points: Creature Terrify Chance +10%.
100 Points: Terrifying a Creature offers 10s Crit Chance +5% and Critical Damage +25%.

The Outer Worlds skills - Stealth skills

Stealth abilities in The Outer Worlds

If the Dialog abilities are perfect for extracting every little thing you need from the game’s conversations and NPCs, then the Stealth abilities are perfect for doing the identical to the game world. Sneaking, Hacking, and Lockpicking every come up fairly often all through your journey throughout The Outer Worlds, so to keep away from frustration and missed alternatives it may be a good suggestion to take a position on this sort from the outset.

Sneak – Reduces detection vary whereas crouched, will increase NPC consciousness decay, and will increase Sneak Attack DMG.
20 Points: Sneak Attack: Attack unaware enemies whereas crouched to deal bonus injury.
40 Points: Pickpocket: Steal from people whereas sneaking.
60 Points: Crouch Move Speed +25%.
80 Points: Sneak Attack Weakspot Damage +20%.
100 Points: Sneak Attacks ignore +50% of the goal’s Armor.
Hack – reduces hacking time and variety of Bypass Shunts required for hacking.
20 Points: Unlock the flexibility to promote items to Vending Machines.
40 Points: Unlock entry to Restricted Items in Vending Machines.
60 Points: Hack Automechanicals: Turn them off for 3s.
80 Points: Automechanical Detection Range -30%.
100 Points: Hack Automechanical Distance +2.5m (5m).
Lockpick – Reduces the unlock time and variety of Magpicks wanted for choosing locks.
20 Points: Doors and Containers requiring 1 Mag-Pick to unlock are free to open.
40 Points: Find +25% extra Bits in containers.
60 Points: Lockpick Preview: See what’s inside locked containers.
80 Points: Lockpicking pace is elevated to be practically on the spot.
100 Points: Find Pristine Item Chance +100%.

The Outer Worlds skills - Tech skills

Tech abilities in The Outer Worlds

In my opinion this can be very vital to get to at the very least 20 in your Tech abilities, due to the unlocks that comply with. After that, deciding whether or not to improve them additional is much less of a necessity and extra about the way you wish to construct your character, however that first unlock repays itself a hundred-fold.

Medical – will increase Heal Amount granted by Inhaler and will increase period of Inhaler results.
20 Points: Unlock the 2nd Drug Mixing Slot for the Inhaler.
40 Points: Unlock the third Drug Mixing Slot for the Inhaler.
60 Points: Hostile Effect Duration on Targets +50%.
80 Points: Unlock the 4th Drug Mixing Slot for the Inhaler.
100 Points: Damage Bonus vs Humans +20%.
Science – will increase injury of Plasma and Shock injury weapons. Also improves particular results of Science Weapons.
20 Points: Tinker: Improve your weapons and armor within the Workbench.
40 Points: Tinkering Cost -50%.
60 Points: Corrosion Damage +25%; N-ray Damage +25%.
80 Points: Tinkering price for Science Weapons is capped.
100 Points: Further Reduce Tinkering Cost to -90%.
Engineering – reduces Armor Parts and Weapon Parts wanted to restore your gear.
20 Points: Field Repair: Repair Weapons and Armor within the Inventory.
40 Points: Break Down weapons and armor for a 20% Chance to extract a Basic Mod.
60 Points: 20% Chance objects you Repair will turn into Pristine, rising Value and Durability.
80 Points: Break Down weapons and armor for a 10% Chance to extract a Rare Mod.
100 Points: Damage vs Automechanicals +20%.

The Outer Worlds skills - Leadership skills

Leadership abilities in The Outer Worlds

Finally, we’ve got the Leadership abilities of Inspiration and Determination, which have an effect on the usefulness of the companion(s) you may select to accompany you. Specifically in fight. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it: making good use of your companions in The Outer Worlds will be instrumental in retaining your self alive, notably on the greater difficulties.

Inspiration – will increase the injury inflicted by your companions.
20 Points: Companion Abilities: You can order Companions to do particular assaults.
40 Points: Companions acquire +20% Armor Rating.
60 Points: Companion Skill Bonus to Player Skills +100%.
80 Points: Inspired Precision: When Companions kill an enemy, the half positive aspects +20% Critical Hit Chance for 5s.
100 Points: When Companions kill an enemy, All Companion Ability Cooldowns -20%.
Determination – will increase the utmost well being of your companions.
20 Points: The Inhaler heals you and your companions, however they get 30% of the therapeutic impact.
40 Points: Companion Critical Damage +25%.
60 Points: Companions get a further 25% of the Inhaler’s therapeutic impact.
80 Points: Resolve: If a Companion is downed, get together positive aspects +50% Armor Rating and +50% Damage for 10s.
100 Points: When Companions kill an enemy, they acquire 50% Health.

And there you’ve it! We’ve now lined every of the abilities in The Outer Worlds in hopefully sufficient element to present you an concept of the way you may wish to play your first character. But in the event you’re nonetheless not sure, don’t fear! I modified my thoughts concerning the focus of my first character half a dozen occasions all through the game earlier than selecting a single concept. This is a game that rewards experimentation and techniques, and cares much less about min-maxing than about you having a good time.


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