Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster issue – tips about beating Fallen Order on the highest issue stage

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster difficulty guide

Grandmaster issue in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gives gamers the best quantity of problem in an already punishing game. Enemies hit more durable, parry home windows are smaller, and also you’ll must know the game intimately to be able to full the game with out dying an inordinate variety of occasions alongside the best way. Luckily, I do know the game intimately, and I’ve put collectively the beneath Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster information to assist those that are struggling to beat the game on this hardest issue stage.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster information contents:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster difficulty

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster issue

Grandmaster is the toughest of the 4 issue ranges in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – and to be able to stand any probability of beating the game at this stage, you’ll want to grasp how these issue ranges work.

Unlike many different games, setting the problem larger in Fallen Order doesn’t enhance the quantity of well being of every enemy, or enhance the amount of enemies in any respect. There are in reality three issues that are closely influenced by the game’s issue stage:

  • The quantity of harm you are taking from all sources (together with enemies and environmental injury comparable to falling off the map)
  • The aggressiveness of enemies (together with their downtime between assaults, and their proclivity in the direction of sure extra harmful assaults)
  • The dimension of your parry window (that is the time throughout an enemy’s assault the place blocking will end in a parry)

On Grandmaster issue, you are taking enormously elevated injury from all sources; enemies are very aggressive and offer you little time between every assault; and you will need to time your blocks completely to be able to efficiently parry blockable assaults.

I’ve accomplished the game on Grandmaster issue, and I can inform you that it’s very difficult, steadily punishing, and finally extraordinarily rewarding. I’d extremely suggest veterans of Sekiro and Soulslikes (or these on their second playthrough) to strive Grandmaster for your self.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster tips - skill tree

Top suggestions for beating Fallen Order on Grandmaster

Grandmaster issue units all the pieces as much as eleven, and also you’re going to have a troublesome time with most encounters. But follow the next high suggestions, and also you’ll have a a lot smoother time by way of the Jedi: Fallen Order marketing campaign.

Prioritise the fitting abilities from the very begin

As I discussed in my Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order skills information, not all abilities in your talent tree are created equal. On Grandmaster, greater than every other issue stage, it’s necessary that you simply beeline in the direction of the proper abilities from the very begin of the marketing campaign.

Here’s what I’d suggest for these enjoying on Grandmaster issue:

  • After your first level into Overhead Slash, prioritise Superior Blocking within the Survival department, then observe up with Improved Stims for survivability.
  • Then accumulate Dash Strike and Leaping Slash, the latter of which is likely one of the strongest lightsaber strikes at your disposal.
  • Focus briefly on the Force department now, to gather Force Attunement and Enhanced Force Recovery.
  • After unlocking Force Push, concentrate on Evasive Kick, Sprint Strike, and Delay Thrust, setting you as much as take Lightsaber Mastery as quickly because it unlocks.
  • After gaining Force Pull, instantly choose up Grasping Pull.
  • Finally, choose up Mass Push so you’ll be able to attain Howling Push, which is implausible for shortening fights in opposition to bigger enemies perched on precarious cliffs (of which there’s a shocking quantity).

Once you’ve performed all this, spend any factors you acquire on a mix of the fundamental Survival and Force abilities (elevated Health/Force, higher therapeutic, and so on.) and also you’ll be set to defeat any boss on Grandmaster issue.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster tips - enemies

Learn the behaviours of every enemy in intimate element

Like many games of this ilk, the important thing to victory in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is studying the behaviours, capabilities, and assault patterns of every enemy. On Grandmaster issue, you will see {that a} single slip-up can usually result in demise, so there’s actually no selection however to study every enemy intimately.

I’m speaking about realizing {that a} common strike adopted by an overhead chop is sufficient to kill a Scout Trooper Commander. About realizing that after a Jotaz does its blockable roar-and-slam assault, it’s going to all the time go straight into that two-step unblockable which all the time journeys up newer gamers. About realizing that you may throw Malicos’s boulder again at him should you time your Force Push proper.

Your greatest guess on the subject of studying the ins and outs of all of the enemies like that is to spend a little bit of time consulting the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bosses guides that I’ve written over the previous week, in addition to our information on the totally different non-boss Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order enemies.

Uncover secrets and techniques and upgrades whilst you progress by way of the marketing campaign

Unless you’re trying a speedrun on Grandmaster issue (hey, you do you), it’s an excellent concept to not rush by way of the marketing campaign as shortly as attainable. You’ll need to take the time to discover each nook and cranny – partly as a result of each encounter offers you extra expertise of every enemy, and partly since you’ll acquire a lot extra energy by gaining further talent factors and selecting up the varied secret collectibles scattered all through the worlds of Fallen Order.

I’ve already written a information explaining precisely the place every of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Stim locations are, however that’s not the one collectible that may make it easier to. Scattered all through each map are Force Essences and Life Essences, which upon amassing three of the identical kind will completely enhance your most Force or Health. This is enormously useful in serving to you are taking these extra-damage hits on the very best issue stage.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster tips - double bladed lightsaber

Get the Double Bladed lightsaber as shortly as attainable

I’ve gone into element about this in my Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lightsaber information, however I’d urge anybody enjoying on Grandmaster issue stage to go to Dathomir earlier than heading to Zeffo – in order that you’ll be able to attain the purpose the place you meet the mysterious Wanderer, after which flip left and head into that small cave space the place you’ll be able to choose up the double bladed lightsaber improve far faster than you might should you’d gone to Zeffo first.

The double bladed lightsaber doesn’t hit as exhausting as the only blade, however its assaults are glorious at defeating a number of foes in confined areas, and with out this improve these moments will usually result in your demise, as a result of the fight system in Fallen Order isn’t rather well designed for taking up a number of enemies directly. So for certain: go to Dathomir first.

Seek out and observe in opposition to essentially the most difficult encounters

If a sure enemy or a sure mixture of enemies offers you a extremely exhausting time, then use it as a studying expertise. Find the Save Point nearest that encounter, then simply preserve going again and taking them on time and again, studying their strikes and assault patterns, and making your combat in opposition to them cleaner and cleaner till you’ll be able to handily beat them each time.

This is especially helpful in opposition to the extra harmful enemies within the game. For me, it was the Purge Troopers. I discovered that I’d all the time maintain no less than some injury from the varied Purge Troopers I’d come throughout (significantly these dual-wielding Electrobaton bastards), so I spent a while simply grinding away at these particular encounters till I might beat them handily with out taking any injury in any respect.

So whether or not your kryptonite is Purge Troopers, or Jotaz, or Nydak, or Undead Nightsisters, or Wyyyschokk, or any of the opposite horrible foes that Fallen Order throws at you – the easiest way to enhance is to actively search them out and grasp them.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster difficulty tips

And with that, I feel we’ll name time on this Jedi: Fallen Order Grandmaster information. But that’s not all we’ve obtained to speak about on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order! We’ve obtained in-depth explanations, suggestions, and walkthroughs for nearly each facet of this expansive Star Wars expertise; have a look!

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