PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Numbers in Japan Have Fallen, Sony Dominates Microsoft

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Numbers in Japan Have Fallen, Sony Dominates Microsoft

The PS5 and Xbox Series X | S have been available for several days in several countries such as the United States, South Korea, New Zealand and even Japan. It is precisely in the land of the Rising Sun that the first sales figures fell, and this thanks to the magazine Famitsu which was able to obtain the details of the sales of each console. Unsurprisingly, Sony dominates the game with a large advantage over Microsoft since it sold 118,085 PS5 in 4 days of operation, from November 12 to 15, 2020 inclusive. The Xbox Series X | S must be content with 20,534 sales in 6 days of operation, i.e. from 10 to 15 November 2020 inclusive.

If we are hardly surprised by the preference of the PlayStation brand by Japanese players to the detriment of Xbox, we note on the other hand that the start of the PS5 is very much lower than that of the PS4, which had elapsed at 322 083 units during its first weekend of sales. It is still better than the sales figures for the launch of the PS3 (88,443 copies had found buyers), but we are very far from the 630,552 PS2 sold in just 2 days at the time.

Famitsu takes the opportunity to give some details on game sales: over the same period, 18,640 copies of Spider-Man Miles Morales for 18,640 sales for Demon’s Souls. We take the opportunity to give you the launch figures for each console, still in Japan.

1.PS2: 630 552 (released March 4, 2000)
2. Game Boy Advance: 611504 (released March 21, 2001)
3. DS: 441 485 (released December 02, 2004)
4. Wii: 371,936 (released December 2, 2006)
5. 3DS: 371 326 (released February 26, 2011)
6. PS Vita: 321,407 (released December 17, 2011)
7. Wii U: 308,570 (released December 8, 2012)
8. GameCube: 133,719 (released September 14, 2001)
9. Xbox: 123 929 (released February 22, 2002)
10. Dreamcast: 101,490 (released November 27, 1998)
11. PS3: 88,443 (released November 11, 2006)
12. Xbox 360: 62 135 (released December 10, 2005)


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