Pok émon Scarlet and also Violet Team Star rematch overview

Mela greets a Pokémon trainer at her base

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After pounding Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you can rematch the Team Star leaders at their bases, as they’ve been rebranded as Star Training Centers.

In enhancement to rebattling the leaders, you can additionally participate in optional autobattle difficulties once again for LP.

Repeating Team Star difficulties

By sounding the bell at the entryway to the Team Star bases, you can duplicate the initial Team Star tests that you did previously. Rather than K.O-ing 30 Pok émon in 10 mins, you’ll require to obtain 50 Pok émon. According to Serebii.net, the much faster you do this, the even more League Points (LP) you’ll obtain as an incentive.

We ended up the obstacle in 2 mins and also 54 secs and also we obtained 7,541 LP– rather a great deal for simply tossing Pok émon around.

If you can not rather keep in mind just how this functions, after that permit us to freshen you. The initially 3 Pok émon in your group will certainly require to remove 50 Pok émon in autobattles just. If your Pok émon obtain also weak, you can recover them making use of Clive by the entryway or the vending devices spread around the school. That claimed, you’ll either desire a kind benefit or you’ll wish to be really overleveled.

After finishing the obstacle, your Pok émon will certainly be recovered. Completing this obstacle will certainly not right away begin the Team Star leader fight. (You’ll require to go speak with them straight in order to fight them.)

Team Star rematch fights

Once daily, you can rematch the Team Star leaders at their corresponding bases. Thankfully, they no more have Starmobiles, so it’s simply an uncomplicated fight. (They do not also Terastilize.)

They do provide a great quantity of cash and also are quite simple to defeat, considering that they all concentrate on details kinds, so if you’re grinding for additional money, think about checking out each participant once daily.

Once once again, right here are the bents each kind:

  • Dark: insect, fairy, combating
  • Fire: ground, rock, water
  • Poison: ground, insect, psychic
  • Fairy: steel, poisonous substance
  • Fighting: flying, psychic

We listing out the participants with their celebrations in indexed order listed below.

Team Star Atticus (poisonous substance)

  1. Skuntank, degree 65 (poison/dark)
  2. Muk, degree 65 (poisonous substance)
  3. Dragalge, degree 65 (poison/dragon)
  4. Toxapex, degree 65 (poison/water)
  5. Revavroom, degree 66 (steel/poison)

Team Star Eri (combating)

  1. Primeape, degree 65 (combating)
  2. Toxicroak, degree 65 (poison/fighting)
  3. Passimian, degree 65 (combating)
  4. Lucario, degree 65 (fighting/steel)
  5. Annihilape, degree 66 (fighting/ghost)

Team Star Giacomo (dark)

  1. Cacturne, degree 65 (grass/dark)
  2. Honchkrow, degree 65 (dark/flying)
  3. Mabosstiff, degree 65 (dark)
  4. Krookodile, degree 65 (ground/dark)
  5. Kingambit, degree 66 (dark/steel)

Team Star Mela (fire)

  1. Torkoal, degree 65 (fire)
  2. Coalossal, degree 65 (rock/fire)
  3. Houndoom, degree 65 (dark/fire)
  4. Arcanine, degree 65 (fire)
  5. Armarouge, degree 66 (fire/psychic)

Team Star Ortega (fairy)

  1. Klefki, degree 65 (steel/fairy)
  2. Azumarill, degree 65 (water/fairy)
  3. Wigglytuff, degree 65 (normal/fairy)
  4. Hatterene, degree 65 (psychic/fairy)
  5. Dachsbun, degree 66 (fairy)

Source: Polygon


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