Pac-Man 99: the game announced for Nintendo Switch, it will not be accessible to all

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Pac-Man 99: the game announced for Nintendo Switch, it will not be accessible to all

Obviously satisfied with the enthusiasm generated by Tetris 99, Nintendo has teamed up with Bandai Namco Entertainment to offer Pac-Man 99 on Switch. This is indeed what the Japanese publisher announces in an official press release, where it is specified that only members of Nintendo Switch Online will be able to access the game. Free and expected for tomorrow (April 8), this battle royale will require it makes sense to be the last Pac-Man standing in front of the ghosts.

The ancestral formula has not changed: by crunching a pac-gum, we will be able to swallow frightened specters. Except that here, each enemy swallowed will send disruptive Pac-Man to other players, and thus slow their progress. Better: by creating a train of ghosts thanks to the sleeping ghosts, there will be a way to send a host of disruptive Pac-Man to consolidate our advance, or to make an improbable rise in the last moments of the game.

That’s not all, because we are also told the presence of strategies “to improve your speed, your resistance to disruptive Pac-Man or your ability to swallow ghost trains with the push of a button.“It will also be possible to target competitors on the verge of giving up, or those who have just sent us disruptive Pac-Man.

Finally, since it is necessary to try the weakest, a Deluxe pack is available for sale ($ 30). It not only contains additional game modes (CPU Battle, Password Match, Score Attack, Blind Time Attack), bonus themes (also offered separately), as well as 8 Pac-Man arranged.


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