Listen to AK Bandamont’s “Fiened Out Baby”: The Ones

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AK Bandamont

AK Bandamont

AK Bandamont – “Fiened Out Baby”

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Usually AK Bandamont is near-screaming punchlines over fast-paced Michigan-style beats that raise your heart rate like a triple shot of espresso. On “Fiened Out Baby,” a highlight from the Grand Rapids, Michigan rapper’s latest tape ATM Withdrawals, he reels in the energy bit—and yet he still sounds like he’s pacing back-and-forth and sweating profusely, like Adam Sandler at the end of Uncut Gems. The beat is a really good one, with pummeling drums laid over a light, classical-sounding sample. Bandamont is rapping well, too: his hurried delivery makes his one-liners sound better than they probably are. Compared to Bandamont’s previous songs, it’s easy listening.

With artists releasing songs at a fast and furious pace, it’s difficult for the average hip-hop head to keep track of it all—no matter how tapped in they are. That’s why we created The Ones, a daily post to highlight the song you need to hear.

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