How to get to Support Rank S in Fire Emblem Engage

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Support is a huge component of the Fire Emblem collection, and also Fire Emblem Engage is no various. When your allies stand next to each various other in fight, they’ll offer each various other an increase to their statistics. Support initially goes from ranking C to rate A, with C being the most affordable and also A being the greatest.

However, you can raise your assistance one action greater to the vaunted “S-rank,” and also possibly love a companion. Continue reviewing to learn just how you can get to “S-rank” and also that you can love.

How do you obtain the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage

After “Chapter 23: The Four Hounds” in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll open the Paralogue:The Connector You’ll need to recoup a meant Emblem ring from some damaged adversaries, once you recoup it, you learn it’s the Pact Ring, a ring holding the power of your mommy,Lumera It’s a ring that just Divine Dragons can offer to somebody they absolutely depend on, and also it’s the ring utilized to raise the assistance in between you and also an ally from A-rank to “S-rank.”

Pact Ring used to romance another character in Fire Emblem Engage

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To obtain your Pact Ring, make your method to your space at the Somniel, and also communicate with theMemento Drawer You may just offer the Pact Ring to someone, and also they must have an assistance ranking of A.

What are the advantages of getting to S ranking assistance in Fire Emblem Engage?

The primary benefit is a brand-new cutscene that resolves the unique partnership in between Alear and also their companion. The seniority will certainly offer Alear and also their brand-new companion a larger increase when standing alongside each various other in fight. Also, your companion will certainly have a ring symbol alongside their name in the assistance food selection, and also an extra web page in the Ally note pad describing your partnership.

Who can you love in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, you’re not restricted to that you can select as your S-rank assistance. Regardless of the personality you picked at the start of the game, you’re able to select any type of ally as the one whom you absolutely depend on since you’re not secured to any type of certain sexuality. However, realize that not every partnership is a charming one: Some of the personality choices will certainly result in a platonic partnership.

According to, below is a listing of every one of the partnerships and also their standings in Fire Emblem Engage:

Romantic Platonic Flirtatious Romantic Platonic Flirtatious Alfred Alcryst Framme Bonet Amber Fogado Citrinne Anna Hortensia Diamant Boucheron Rosado Goldmary Celine Timerra Ivy Clanne Vander Jade Jean Timerra Kagetsu Linden Lapis Saphir Louis Veyle Mauvier Zelkov Merrin Pandero Panette Seadall .

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