Devblog 99.1

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The 99.1iest update of all time. There’s more on the upcoming XP system and tech trees. We’ve added sexier tunnels, made some proc-gen tweaks, shrunk the default world size, and made lots of fixes and tweaks. This update wipes the servers. Read all about it at the official site.[]

  • Fixed fuel not being refunded when overspill when dropping on items
  • Now force disconnects from server when trying to join another from UI
  • Lock inherits door options
  • Default option on lock is to open/close the door it is attached to
  • Fixed ragdoll head stretching
  • Linux dedicated server creates log files properly
  • Rcon responses aren’t printed to the console/log files
  • Added admin.bans (returns json list of bans)
  • console.log, respond with json
  • Asserts show up red in the server console, have a log file
  • Updated to Unity 5.3.3p1
  • Added Impact sounds for chain link fence building parts
  • Overflowed large furnaces shoot items out of the chimney
  • Tweaked volume of bush/tree ambient sounds
  • Fixed building privilege sometimes staying after death/server restart
  • Added item specific pickup/drop inventory ui sounds
  • Conditional colliders once again update on server restart
  • Dungeon art and design update
  • Reduced default map size to 3000 (from 4000)
  • Improved procedurally generated rock clusters
  • Tweaked road and powerline generation
  • Fixed floaty arid / beach trees
  • Fixed rocks sometimes spawning on warehouse
  • Fixed rivers sometimes intersecting warehouse
  • Fixed occasional sawtooth terrain glitch around monuments
  • Fixed rivers sometimes starting at insane slopes
  • Fixed a number of rock formation prefab issues
  • Fixed missing icebergs
  • Fixed small static rocks occasionally spawning midair
  • Updated HapisIsland