Devblog 92

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The new year brings a fresh start for everyone in Rust. This update wipes the servers, including blueprints, and brings changes to aiming, world generation, stability, music, voice chat, and more. []

  • Upgraded to Unity 5.3.1p2
  • Switched OSX and Linux to new OpenGL core
  • Disabled Xmas content
  • Fixed UI banding
  • Disabled Lazy Aim
  • Tweaked Viewmodel animations
  • Mace, Longsword & Salvaged cleaver are now throwable
  • Can cook bear meat (and burn it)
  • Fixed trees sometimes being missing on first connect to a server
  • Can melee attack underwater
  • Can build underwater
  • New biome textures (sand, gravel, stones, rock, road, dirt)
  • Ocean and river water colour changes
  • New set of rocks and rock spawning improvements to procgen
  • Trainyard dungeon blocker fixed in the central building pipes
  • Water treatment Plant dungeon blocker fixed where player would get stuck.
  • All dungeons: fixed major holes in sewers meshes that allowed you to see under terrain.
  • Server seed and salt now write back to the convars if filled automatically
  • Fixed monuments occasionally messing up rivers
  • Fixed random terrain holes that could occur near caves
  • Fixed monument terrain adjustment sometimes leading to floating objects
  • Fixed anti hack issue that could block self-inflicted damage
  • Fixed roof exploit
  • Fixed various sleeping bag exploits
  • Stability now has diminishing returns on huge buildings
  • Building block placement quality of life improvements
  • Rain forces more fog and clouds
  • Rain tends to be more intense when it happens
  • Atmosphere fogginess reduces view distance more aggressively
  • Voice Chat UI removed
  • Increased Voice Chat quality
  • Added local player voice chat notification