Devblog 89

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Patch day is here, and so there’s lots of changes. The servers are wiping so the new dungeons can loom over the landscape. There’s also procgen changes, you can rebind keys, the Eoka has had a buff, reloading is much snappier, lots of bug fixes, and more.[]

  • Added soft target impact sounds for a bunch of melee weapons
  • New m249 sounds
  • New snow and sand impact sounds
  • Lots of impact sound adjustments and fixes
  • New player body fall sounds
  • New player fall damage sounds
  • New stone external gate sounds
  • Cancelled crafts don’t break the max stack rules
  • Pie menu sounds obey volume controls
  • New key bind (input) system
  • Fixed real player names showing in corpse loot during streamer mode
  • Fixed steam inventory breaking with more than 128 items
  • Fixed weapons effects firing twice (!)
  • Fixed external gates frequently not playing open/close sounds
  • Fixed water bugs in DX9
  • Fixed water performance issues in quality 1 and 2
  • New window shutter sounds
  • New corpse fly swarm sounds
  • Adjusted bandage sounds
  • Adjusted ambient sounds
  • Adjusted large fire sounds
  • Improved skin shader
  • Added underwater world FX
  • Improved snow FX
  • Improved rain fullscreen FX
  • Erm, dungeons greybox
  • Reload happens automatically when switching ammo types
  • Reloading with only one ammo type is more responsive
  • Fixed unlootable items if thrown under quarry hopper
  • Shotgun shell has +2 pellets
  • Eoka spread increased
  • Eoka damage increased
  • Handmade shell pellets doubled
  • Handmade shell damage per pellet halved
  • Melee range increased across the board
  • Fixed rapidfire bow exploit
  • Fixed rockets detonating on shooter if fired while moving forward
  • Fixed repair door exploit
  • Fixed shelves being too strong (can now melee them)
  • Fixed key lock LOD causing it to disappear too soon
  • Lowered Eoka cost