Devblog 87

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Check out that new gun! The M249 is in. Along with major changes to the pumpjack (it’s gone for now), some rifle nerfs, blueprint tweaks, building stability changes, and loads more at the official site.[].

  • AK47 mesh updated
  • Bone club throwable
  • Atlased building parts
  • Atlased perimeter walls (stone/wood)
  • Large wood storage (chest) re-skin
  • Lantern optimizations
  • LOD holes fixed on doorways (wood/metal)
  • Fixed field of view exploit
  • Fixed grass removal exploit
  • Fixed various “sphere test failed” building placement errors
  • Made building in caves much more solid and enjoyable
  • Fixed various building block stacking exploits
  • Fixed a number of building deployable stacking exploits
  • Building deployables can now be rotated on placement by looking left and right
  • Fixed various building block stability exploits
  • Fixed various issues that caused building stability to be unreliable
  • Fixed various cases where buildings would not update the stability of connected blocks
  • Fixed a regression that could make batched renderers invisible for a short time
  • Enabled radial damage line of sight checks on the landmine
  • Landmine and timed explosives now use more robust line of sight checks
  • Added a maxthreads convar (defaults to 8)
  • New ambient sound system
  • Lots of new ambient sounds
  • Low grade fuel craft sessions yield 4 instead of 3
  • Removed extra 5m tool cupboard placement prevention buffer