Community Update 91

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Bone chin strap.


Apologies for the rushed feeling to the Update this week. I’ve eaten some spoiled wolf meat or something because everything bad about the world is ending up in my toilet. The doctor couldn’t do anything, and the exorcist just ran away and changed religion. I’ll do my best.

With the pleasant intro out the way, check out this bone mask by redditor da9L88.

I have nothing else to add, because all is pain and… oh god, what is that?

Rust Music Videos

Yup, there’s more than one. Via a mirror on the toilet door, angled at dearsomeone’s Youtube, I enjoyed this gentile cinematic – Pure Imagination.

Then I just stared at RustRockTV’s remake of Judas Priest: You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’.

You don’t ask ‘why?’, you just appreciate that it happened. Especially when it’s so earnest.

Surprise Stripper

I’m breaking my rule of never covering a video with “trolling” in the name because this isn’t actual trolling. It’s Rcham running up to people, playing music over his voice channel, and stripping. It is only occasionally uncomfortable.

Rust is sexier than I realised.


PitchDank put Argyle Alligtor and Holdacious into a house, and for some reason made a sitcom about Rust and Overwatch.

Greatness, and not a poo joke in sight. That’s how much I enjoyed it.

… And Finally

Perhaps it’s the fever talking, but I came across this post on reddit about an in-game theatre and immediately wanted to know more. People do lots of ridiculous things in Rust, but this is for a performance of Three Little Pigs, and it absolutely poses questions. Why would anyone perform that in Rust? And who would even suggest it? Anyway, this is just a screenshot of the theatre, but this is my little corner of Rust and I’m celebrating it, damnit.

Did I mention my stomach was bad?

Get In Touch

Think you’re working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Now’s the time to share your base designs, or get into the growing Raid Cam business, or show off a game-mode from your server, or if your server has an interesting theme.

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can fish for upvotes in the Subreddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in.