Assassin’s Creed dev reveals how the studio was pressured so as to add new content material simply 5 days earlier than launch

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One of the builders behind the unique Assassin’s Creed has revealed the mind-boggling story of how the group at Ubisoft was pressured so as to add extra content material to the game – simply 5 days earlier than it launched.

Charles Randall, a former Ubisoft developer who labored on the primary Assassin’s Creed as AI lead, detailed the story in a Twitter thread over the weekend.

“the CEO’s kid played it,” Randall’s thread begins with tongue firmly in cheek. While Randall later says he can’t make sure that’s really what kicked issues off, the dev group did obtain surprisingly sudden suggestions on the game lower than every week earlier than it was scheduled to launch.

“So we’re all ready to ship the game, first submission goes pretty well, and then…the news…the CEO’s kid played the game and said it was boring and there was nothing to do in the game,” Randall writes.

“Oh yeah I forgot the key part. We have to put all these side missions into the game in five days, and they have to be bug-free, because the build is going to be burned directly to disc and released to retail.”

According to Randall, he and quite a lot of his fellow builders spent 5 days within the Ubisoft Montreal places of work making an attempt to implement new facet content material. This would finally take the type of Assassin’s Creed’s flag assortment facet quests and missions to seek out templars.

“Anyway, the rest of it is a blur, but I know that it went super well, because we did it,” Randall mentioned. “We managed to implement all of it in 5 days. And it was bug-free… almost.”

“But I know it’s a miracle that the game didn’t just melt your console or whatever,” he added.

One fairly main bug did slip by, nonetheless. In one of many Templar assassination facet missions, the goal might generally fall by the world and disappear. Players who skilled this might not get credit score for the kill, which implies they must begin the game over from scratch in the event that they have been hoping for an ideal Gamerscore.

“So it turns out one of the Templar were parented to the wrong sector,” Randall mentioned. “If you approached the Templar from the wrong direction, he fell through the world and was despawned. Which didn’t give you credit for the kill, but stored him into the savegame as dead. No more spawning.”

Assassin’s Creed’s subsequent instalment, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, is slated to hit this vacation season. Earlier this month it was confirmed that each the hidden blade and social stealth are making a comeback, which addresses one in every of Kirk’s hopes for the game.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.