Anthem Update Patch – newest patch notes

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Your Javelin in a state of shock.

With the game altering on a close to fixed foundation, it’s just a little powerful to maintain monitor of simply what has occurred since Anthem’s launch. To that finish, we figured it might be good to have a abstract of all of the extra related updates for Anthem, so on this information we will probably be going over the newest patch notes for Anthem, how they have an effect on your builds, and different issues to maintain a watch out for.

Anthem replace patch information

Looking for assist with missions, or learn how to become familiar with navigation in Anthem? Be positive to take a look at our Anthem guide for the whole lot it’s worthwhile to learn about BioWare’s newest area journey.  Otherwise, you may go to our Anthem Masterwork gears or Anthem Masterwork components guides for one of the best stuff. As for learn how to acquire this stuff, you may take a look at our Anthem loot information for recommendations on learn how to nab one of the best loot.

The Legion of Dawn outfit for the Storm Javelin. The colours are rather spiffy if I dare say so myself.

Loot Update – 28/02/2019

The first big update outdoors of the Day One patch went reside not too way back and it even had Ben Irving from BioWare taking to Reddit on 28th February 2019 to debate some changes to loot. You can learn the total element within the Reddit publish, however listed here are the notes summarised in full:

Anthem Loot Update – 28/02/2019
  • Players now have extra time to catch as much as different gamers earlier than seeing the countdown timer till the game hundreds them into the realm.
  • Players who’ve defeated the Swarm Tyrant within the Tyrant Mine Stronghold can now not be reset by your entire Squad exiting to the primary menu and rejoining the session in progress.
  • Players can’t reopen chests which have already been looted in Strongholds.
  • If an Inscription can apply to the merchandise, indicated by a gear icon, it would now be helpful to that merchandise. Otherwise the inscription gives a Javelin vast profit.
  • Inscription modifications solely apply to new gadgets earned in Anthem, with current ones within the vault retaining their outdated inscriptions.
  • Uncommon (White) and Common (Green) gadgets have been dropped from Level 30 merchandise drop tables.
  • Materials wanted to craft Masterwork weapons down from 25 to 15.
  • Crafted Masterwork weapons/gears/parts has the identical Inscription modifications.

Reuniting with a few old friends as they do business with Zhim.

Anthem updates – earlier patch notes

BioWare have additionally been making use of loads of sizzling fixes and even an enormous replace for the Day One Patch. Use the collapsible dropdowns with a view to learn the total patch notes.

Anthem Hot Fix – 24/02/2019
  • Fixed a problem the place modifications to personalising their Javelins weren’t being utilized.
  • Fixed a problem the place gamers had been unable to craft the Dawn Shield in the course of the Critical Path missions.
Anthem Hot Fix – 23/02/2019
  • Disabled the particular potential on the element piece “Gunslinger’s Mark” because the buff granted by the element would stack a lot increased than meant.
  • The particular potential on this element piece will probably be turned again on as soon as a full repair will be applied.
Anthem Hot Fix – 22/02/2019

The second hot fix update addressed a couple of points, although just one was defined in any element.

  • The last boss within the “Return to the Heart of Rage” Stronghold and crit path mission will now correctly seem if a squad of Freelancers wipe earlier than reaching it.
  • Fixed quite a lot of points that had been inflicting gamers to crash.
Anthem Hot Fix – 21/02/2019
  • Fixed a problem the place the inaccurate quantity of cash was displayed and rewarded from varied actions.
  • Extended the timer for matchmaking in a stronghold.
  • Fixed a problem that was inflicting it to rain in game greater than meant.
  • Weapons had been incorrectly making use of infusion proc/bonuses from being geared up when they need to solely have been making use of bonuses from the weapon that was within the lively slot.
  • Chests in missions have much less likelihood to drop increased tiered gadgets.
  • Emotes now save correctly when certain.
  • Players will now not be one-shot by excessive damaging assaults if they’ve shields lively.
Anthem Day One patch notes

High degree fixes

  • Decreased loading instances for older disk drives
  • Fixed many infinite loading screens
  • Fixed a number of challenges not monitoring correctly
  • A variety of points have been mounted that had been inflicting gamers to disconnect or crash
  • Weapons and equipment now have numbers current for modifiers

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Loot Reveal and Expedition Summary now appropriately play in the course of the finish of expedition display screen.
  • The collect social gathering mechanic has been made extra lenient in quite a lot of conditions
  • At the top of expedition display screen gamers will now not get caught on “Recording Victories” or “Skipping All”.
  • Game now not hangs in Javelin menu when unlocking the second, third or fourth javelin
  • During the mission “What Freelancers Do” dying after killing Junkmaw & releasing Arcanists leaves you unable to progress, this has been mounted
  • Challenges now unlock for gamers on the right ranges
  • Fixed some digicam points throughout cutscenes
  • Legendary Contracts can now be accepted from the Social Hub contract board
  • Some enemies have had their protect values decreased
  • Loot now correctly drops for gamers who’re downed
  • The texture high quality on the NPC Prospero has been improved
  • Final boss of strongholds now drop loot as an alternative of solely being proven on the top of expedition display screen
  • Fixed the time outs on echoes and relics to forestall griefing and to deal with disconnections correctly
  • Players can now not fall via the ground in the course of the third trial within the Fortress of Dawn
  • Completing the tutorial expedition will now present the proper Ranger look
  • After disconnecting, rejoining an expedition will now place you again right into a squad for those who had been in a single beforehand
  • Corrected a problem the place gamers couldn’t work together with one another within the launch bay in sure circumstances
  • Corrected a problem in the course of the Mission “Bad Deal” the place outlaws gained’t spawn, blocking progress
  • The begin of expedition display screen has been improved
  • Addressed a wide range of conditions the place killing enemies doesn’t correctly progress world occasions
  • Opening a chest now increments Tomb of the Legionnaire progress for all squad members current
  • Scar snipers can now not shoot via Storm Shield
  • Corrected a problem the place gamers would get caught on the top of expedition display screen in some conditions
  • Players will now not get disconnected if becoming a member of the “Finding Old Friends” mission whereas the cinematic is enjoying
  • Addressed quite a lot of conditions the place gamers can get caught on the setting within the launch bay
  • Increased the harm of the electrical standing impact
  • Corrected a problem the place the Shield of Dawn could possibly be crafted with much less supplies then meant in some conditions
  • The Platinum Mission feat now grants completion as meant
  • Status results can extra reliably be utilized to Titans
  • Fixed loading animations on Marksmen Rifles
  • Players can now entry the Vault from the Forge
  • Swimming into jellyfish underwater now not leaves a visible impact caught on gamers.
  • Idle animations will now not sync up over time within the Launch Bay
  • Haluk is now not dual-wielding canes within the epilogue scene
  • Corrected a problem the place gamers couldn’t work together with one another within the launch bay in sure circumstances
  • Fixed a problem that would trigger gamers within the launch bay to have an identical emotes and be unable to make use of them
  • Interceptor melee potential animations will now not stretch out in sure conditions
  • Corrected a problem the place the default Ranger look doesn’t preview within the forge in some conditions
  • All animations now play as meant within the Forge
  • Players can now enter the Tomb of Gwanes whereas in a celebration
  • The default Javelin put on state has been modified from “Dirty” to “Old”
  • Sentinel Loyalty 2 textual content now not incorrectly states that it’s going to result in a bigger vault
  • Picking up ammo from the bottom now correctly provides you 30% of that ammo again into each the present journal and the utmost spare ammo
  • Fixed a bug the place some international (Javelin Icon) inscription bonuses weren’t being correctly utilized to the Javelin and different gear/weapons.
  • Fixed some points that would trigger the Armor Pip depend on the UI to interrupt and never show correctly


  • Fixed a problem that will trigger a Stronghold server crash after defeating the final boss
  • Temple of Scar – Players can now not get caught within the mined tunnel within the explosives room
  • Temple of Scar – Players can now not be blocked from getting into the explosives room as a result of fog wall
  • Fixed Tyrant Mine so those who be a part of the stronghold in-progress don’t find yourself locked away from their group
  • Adjusted lighting in Tyrant Mine underwater part to make it simpler to navigate to the exit
  • The Swarm Tyrant will now not get caught within the aspect cave entrances in some conditions
  • Corrected a problem the place gamers would spawn into completely different areas of the Tyrant Mine in sure conditions
  • Implemented extra safeguards to cease gamers from going AFK in Strongholds


  • Only Masterwork gadgets can now be used to progress Masterwork challenges as meant
  • Corrected a problem the place some Challenges monitor progress concurrently as an alternative of incrementally, as meant. (ex: Blast Missile I after which Blast Missile II as an alternative of each incrementing on the similar time

Gear and Weapons

  • After having 1st pilot unlock go well with after tutorials, creating a brand new pilot and going to forge now not causes load display screen cling
  • Ice harm bonuses are actually appropriately utilized on ice gear
  • Suit-wide bonuses from inscription are actually functioning correctly
  • Players can now not salvage geared up gadgets
  • Javelin particular gear and/or weapons are now not ready for use on javelins they aren’t meant for
  • Corrected a problem the place in some circumstances Masterwork Components should not have any inscriptions
  • The Endless Siege Masterwork Autocannon now not shows a harm improve of 0% in its tooltip
  • Suit-wide particular weapon ammo bonuses coming from infusions are actually appropriately utilized
  • A Network Error Message now not seems when opening an merchandise chest within the second tutorial
  • Colossus shoulder gear will now share the looks of the remainder of the javelin as meant
  • Deadeye has elevated spare ammo 10 -> 20
  • Cloudburst has had elevated harm 16.3 -> 21
  • Torrent has had elevated harm 22.2 -> 28.6
  • Lightning Strike’s pre-visualization will now precisely depict that the explosion snaps to the bottom.
  • (Ranger) Inferno Grenade base harm 130 -> 175
  • (Interceptor) Cryo Glaive base harm 20 -> 50
  • (Storm) Living Flame base harm 50 -> 60
  • (Storm) Glacial Beam base harm 150 -> 120
  • (Storm) Arc Burst secondary harm 100 -> 150
  • (Ranger) Pulse Blast base harm 225 -> 300, and now offers additional harm to Shields (beforehand did additional harm to Armored).
  • (Ranger) Blast Missile now correctly scales up in harm because the merchandise degree will increase
  • (Interceptor) Melee assaults now have some minor resistance penetration
  • Large Area of Effect skills will higher register multi-kill actions for challenges and medals
  • Spark Dash performance has been considerably improved when the goal enemy is at a unique peak (above/under) the Interceptor.
  • Several gear items that had lacking primer or detonator icons have been mounted.
    • Interceptor
      • Tempest Strike – Detonator Icon
      • Spark Dash – Detonator Icon
      • Venom Spray – Primer Icon
      • Detonating Strike – Primer Icon
    • Colossus
      • Lightning Coil – Detonator Icon
      • Shock Coil – Primer Icon
      • Flamethrower – Primer Icon
  • Several enhancements have been made to make sure gear use on PC prioritizes turning the Javelin in the direction of the reticle when used relatively than casting in entrance of the Javelin’s present path.


  • The Colossus javelin is now capable of activate its protect extra shortly after utilizing a capability or firing a weapon
  • The Storm javelin now reacts to getting hit when its shields are up
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the Storm’s final assault for use extra instances than meant
  • The Colossus exo can now protect and revive on the similar time
  • Interceptor Combo Aura has been elevated in energy and now has a harm over time element
  • Ranger melee now has a cooldown when hanging within the air
  • The Target Beacon potential now appropriately seeks targets
  • Spark Dash and Venom Spray now goal primarily based on participant cursor as an alternative of character dealing with. This must also enhance the journey path of Spark Dash.
  • The Colossus will now not be knocked out of the sky in some conditions when the assault was blocked by their protect

Combos + Status Effects

  • Combo indicator icons above creatures now are appropriately eliminated when detonated.
  • When a Storm detonates an electrical standing impact the chained electrical impact now appropriately offers harm.
  • Combo harm now penetrates resistances


  • Non-Masterwork supplies bought from the crafting retailer now present as their correct rarity as an alternative of incorrectly displaying as Masterwork
  • A variety of javelin parts that had completely different icons for his or her recipes and the precise gadgets are actually the identical
  • The Battle Cry gear recipe now has the proper description
  • Fixed Spark Beam gear having the mistaken description when being crafted
  • Crafting recipes are actually sorted alphabetically
  • The gadgets within the crafting retailer are actually sorted by kind to be clearer


  • Additional Mouse and Keyboard management enhancements have been made


  • Some conversations weren’t popping up the fame factors publish dialog completion, this has been mounted
  • The squad display screen now shows the proper data for every participant
  • Fixed quite a lot of points the place subtitles will now not get caught on the display screen after dialogue has completed as usually
  • Settings ought to now not reset upon exiting and restarting the game on Xbox One
  • Motion blur can now appropriately be turned off
  • The Electric Status Effect now exhibits scaled harm correctly
  • An possibility has been added to cover the Squad Member HUD
  • The fringe of the compass will now pulse to point enemy places
  • A notification has been added in Fort Tarsis if a participant’s vault is on the cap of 250 gadgets
  • On the “Repair the Strider” step of “A Cry for Help” the search radar has been adjusted to appropriately lead the participant to all four instruments
  • Primer and Detonator icons have been added to all Interceptor gear
  • Corrected a person interface concern the place a participant’s final would present as out there when it isn’t
  • Toggling the HDR possibility now correctly prompts the Apply Changes button
  • Player banners ought to now show appropriately
  • Camera shake slider has been added to settings menu
  • Players could now monitor 10 challenges as an alternative of 5
  • An possibility to regulate display screen boundaries on consoles has been added
  • Changing a participant banner via the banner menu now correctly saves the choice
  • Health, cooldowns, and key bindings now mild up on supported keyboards
  • Players will now obtain extra clear messaging when a squad is disbanded or are kicked from a squad
  • Squad leaders will now not all the time present as prepared
  • The icon for gamers in a downed state will now not seem in cutscenes
  • Cypher Annotations will now seem for a couple of participant if they’re taking a look at it concurrently
  • Removed mentions of respawning on the participant UI after they die in a restricted respawn space
  • The Player Banner now updates instantly when up to date from the squad display screen
  • Fixed quite a lot of conditions the place a combo will set off however no combo floating textual content seems
  • Pressing esc to cross a notification display screen now not opens up the in-game menu
  • Quick chat messages will now not seem from an ignored participant
  • Removed a message from the mailbox which incorrectly acknowledged that messages will probably be eliminated after Three days
  • A variety of inscription icons have been up to date to correctly replicate whether or not they’re Javelin particular or not
  • Corrected a problem the place gamers couldn’t change loadout names on PC
  • Players now not must exit and re-enter the forge for loadout names to replace
  • The on-screen VOIP indicator which exhibits a participant talking will now not be lively if that participant is muted

Those are all of the patch notes for Anthem to this point. We will probably be rotating the notes so that you just’ll see what’s related to the game at the moment as an increasing number of updates occur to the game. You can head again to our Anthem Loadouts information to see what else you are able to do to improve your Javelin, whereas our recommendations on Anthem Strongholds will fill you in on one other actually good method to nab some first rate stuff. You also can take a look at the system necessities in our Anthem system requirements information.