Новый слив по Battlefield от Tom Henderson

Новая батла называется BATTLEFIELD.
Сеттинг в стиле Black Ops 2. 2025-2035 год
Будут роботы, дроны, самолёты, вертолеты, танки и бмп.
Игра не будет хабом для других БФ.
В сингле можно будет выбрать за какую сторону играть США или Россия.
Будет кооперативное прохождение сингла.
Батлрояль будет максимально далек от Firestorm, а также у него будет новое название.
Будет четыре класса.
Классы будут отличатся не только набором гаджетов, но и набором перков (у снайпера бесшумные шаги, а штурмовика долгий спринт).
Трейлер в Мае! Но он будет как трейлер пятерки, т.е. без реального геймплея. Поэтому трейлер немного разочарует.

This year’s Battlefield title will simply be called BATTLEFIELD.Per sources, I can confirm that the next Battlefield instalment will simply be called BATTLEFIELD and takes place around 10 years from now. The title is set in a modern/very near future, which gives the developers a chance to be able to implement weapons and vehicles that are currently in military development today.The setting is very similar to how the Call of Duty franchise released Black Ops 2 in 2012, with the game being set in 2025 (so 10-15 years from its release date). So yes, expect military robots (Boston Dynamics?), drones, jets, helicopters, tanks and that sort of thing. The game is NOT a hub for all Battlefield titles, as the recent viral Reddit leak claims.The game will feature a revolutionary campaign compared to other previous instalments. The campaign will focus on you and your specialist unit, where you’ll be able to chose which superpower you fight for. In BATTLEFIELD, there isn’t necessarily “Axis and Allies” as you will be able to chose your own path. Both the USA and Russia, who are the games only standing superpowers, will offer to “recruit” your specialist team and their skills throughout the campaign, which will be a valuable asset to both sides. It would also appear like this year’s campaign is a co-op experience.I can also confirm that it would appear that the reveal trailer for BATTLEFIELD will not feature any gameplay, nor multiplayer, and will be somewhat similar to the beginning of the Battlefield V reveal trailer, which is something I’m sure we’ll all be a little upset about.Multiplayer will feature bigger and better battles and is described as “Battlefield ¾ on steroids”, with a Battle Royale also on the way at some stage. The Battle Royale experience will be completely disconnected from the Firestorm name and instead will adopt a new name, probably for obvious reasons. Players will still be able to play as the 4 different types of soldiers, but instead of just having unique gadgets, players will also have different “abilities”, which are similar to Call of Duty perks. For example a Scout soldier might have silent footsteps, whereas an Assault soldier might be able to sprint for a longer duration.



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