Darkest Hour — "Perpetual Terminal’

# Металкор настоящий от серьёзных мужиков из Darkest Hour.

Также музыканты готовят к релизу новый альбом (с 2017 ничего особо не выпускали) – ‘Perpetual | Terminal’

“Perpetual | Terminal”

“Societal Bile”

“A Prayer to the Holy Death”

“The Nihilist Undone”

“One With the Void”

“Amor Fati”

“Love is Fear”

“New Utopian Dream”


“My Only Regret”

“Goddess of War, Give Me Something to Die For”

Дата релиза – 23/02/2024

Что касается нового сингла, то вот слова музыкантов:

“This is a whole Darkest Hour album in one song. It felt like the perfect album opener, eventually became the title track, and therefore is the perfect place to start as we present this new album to the world. Lyrically, it touches on all of the themes of the record — an album centered around the duality of survival and rebirth. Or, you could just say, some new music from old friends who just won’t ever give up.”

Слушайте новое – t.me/idphoto777

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