Готовится к релизу моя нон-фикшн книга ​The Amazing World of Video Game Development

What a great introduction to the art and science of video game development! This book goes deeper than I expected showing kids how making a game really happens. I love the art, the images will really stick with kids.

John Romero

This book is a great and accessible introduction to the intricacies of game development from one of the most prominent auteurs in the indie scene.

Sergiy Galyonkin (Epic Games)

A nice little introduction to the magic of video game making written and illustrated by a talented video game maker.

Jakub Dvorský (Amanita Design)

Everyone loves to play video games — but how do you make one? Denis clearly explains what and who is required for this.

Jan Binsmaier (THQ Nordic)

За выпуск книги отвечает калифорнийское издательство Familius.

Релиз книги на английском языке состоится в Сентябре этого года.

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