Whew! Ken’s not separated in Street Fighter 6

Ken Masters performs a flaming uppercut in artwork from Street Fighter 6

Image: Capcom

Street Fighter followers have actually been rather bothered with ol’ Ken Masters for the previous couple of months. After art work of Ken’s new look in Street Fighter 6 dripped, in tandem with some grim individual information for Ryu’s long time opponent, points were looking rather stark. But fortunately is that, regardless of opinion and also rumormongering, Ken is not separated from his caring spouse in Street Fighter 6

But the actual tale that clarifies Ken’s downtrodden makeover isn’t that far better.

Back in June, when pretty much the entirety of Street Fighter 6’s roster leaked in the type of personality art, Ken was disclosed to be looking shabby, grimy, and also typically rather dispirited. It was an unlike his intense, typically created searches in Street Fighter 5 and also Street Fighter 3, the previous 2 games in Street Fighter’s messy timeline. Ken emitted actual “divorced dad” power in SF6, an impact that was intensified by an allegedly dripped story in which his spouse, Eliza, had actually revealed Ken the door and also offered him with separation documents.

According to that (relatively incorrect) story leak, Eliza kicked Ken out and also took the children due to Ken’s fixation with road combating, regardless of his comfy terminal in life as the successor of a multibillion buck resort lot of money. The actual tale, disclosed as component of Ken’s new bio on the Street Fighter website, is fairly various. Capcom clarifies that Ken is currently the “ex-VP of the Masters Foundation” which “accusations of orchestrating a criminal plot have forced Ken to abandon his family and business and go into hiding.”

So, points are still rather harsh for bad Ken, as well as Eliza and also their child, Mel, whose father gets on the run and also relatively surviving the roads. But that’s behind Ken being mounted for a criminal activity he really did not dedicate? Shadaloo? The Mad Gear Gang? The Secret Society? Maybe Street Fighter 6‘s tale setting will certainly get rid of points up when it releases following year.


Source: Polygon


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