What’s on your desk, Sean Hollister?

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After stints at Engadget Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

Small speakers offer great audio quality.

Small speakers offer great audio quality.

Next to that, I’ve got a Synology DS920 Plus for long-term storage and streaming my video collection to Plex — though I only have it set to boot on the weekends since I don’t really access it that often. Flanking the PC and NAS are my cherry red Audioengine A2 Plus speakers, which I adore because they’re tiny, support USB and analog and Bluetooth, and their audio quality punches way above their size and weight — though the bass is a little lacking, I suppose. I spend a bunch of my day in headphones anyhow, but it’s refreshing to take them off and enjoy higher-quality audio (and hopefully avoid missing Slack pings).

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